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Nate Thayer is an award-winning freelance investigative journalist and correspondent with 25 years of foreign reporting experience. He has a focus on Asia, and a specialization in modern Cambodian political history. He is a noted expert on the Khmer Rouge and was the first journalist to interview Pol Pot in almost twenty years. He has a current focus on North Korea.

This blog is a work in progress, with a mix of current output and archived published material by Nate Thayer, from over 200 publications and mediums.

Nate Thayer’s reporting has earned him The World Press Award, the British Press Awards Scoop of the Year Award, and the Francis Frost Wood Award for Courage in Journalism, given to a journalist “judged to best exemplify physical or moral courage in the practice of his or her craft.” He was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by The Wall Street Journal.


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  1. says

    cc to you, Nate.

    (This to Seth MydanNYTimes)

    Excellent article today, as always.

    Heder and Chandler are really the last word in deep Cambodian analysis, and you and Nate Thayer always nail it. I’m a big fan of his also. Goodness – the man palled around with Pol Pot!
    His stuff on North Korea is also excellent.

    Today you write “The government includes several former members of the Khmer Rouge, including Mr. Hun Sen himself, and it has been careful to protect its own. In addition to trying to limit the number of defendants, it has denied access to potential witnesses who now hold influential government positions.”

    This is really the crux of the matter – a part I didn’t get near, but it is so important – the Hun Sen factor.

    I’ve been reading your stuff for years now. Congratulations on the prize by the way (though it is probably rusty now!)

    You and nate inspired me. I have a background as a Wall St’er and atty and in the last year I’ve started writing. Quite successfully b/c as well as themoderatevoice, alternet, and a bunch of other places, I write for Forbes now – my “swim lane” is 3rd world politics.

    In fact, I wrote this about the tribunal last year – it got a lot of pick up and play. I think you’ll appreciate it.

    The hidden risk of slaying Cambodian monsters
    by David Anderson Late last month the International Court in Cambo…

    and this

    In the era of fake news its people like you (and me now!) who are responsible for the truth.
    My next piece (in Forbes) is on Zimbabwe.

    best regards,

    David Anderson, J.D.
    (following is my brief bio, older articles attached)


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