American spy chief secret meeting with head of North Korean cyber warfare

Kim Yong Chol: The man behind North Korea’s Cyber warfare. U.S. top spy James Clapper has “extraordinarily unfriendly” secret meeting with North Korean chief cyber warrior shortly before Sony attack By Nate Thayer January 9, 2015 Ten days before the attack on the Sony movie depicting the assassination of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s head […]

Sex and the Freelance Blogger: The very disturbing reasons why people read my journalism

Why Homeland Security Might Well be Advised of the People Who Read my Blog Nate Thayer October 10, 2014 I really should stop doing this because it makes me want to make an upwardly mobile career change to, say, working the night shift running the cash register as an urban 7-11, but occasionally I peak […]

BREAKING: Facebook names storied mutt, Lamont, Global Celebrity

BREAKING NEWS: Facebook officially recognizes Lamont as Famous Global Celebrity Seeking Increased Profit Margins, Top Facebook Strategy Executives Woo the Charming Mutt  By Nate Thayer June 19, 2014 Sometimes it is a bit embarrassing to be my pal, Lamont’s, human. Yesterday, I was contacted by someone from Facebook Headquarters informing me that they had made […]

Is a freelance journalism career a Sisyphean delusion?

Why today I think continuing my career as a freelance journalist may be a Sisyphean, untenable delusion   By Nate Thayer June 5, 2014 Here is an update with further evidence suggesting that making a viable living as a professional freelance journalist and writer is an untenable, Sisyphean delusion: I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning, […]

ABC News Exposed for Threats Demanding Undue Credit for Pulitzer Prize

Center for Public Integrity Responds with Epic Smack Down after ABC News tries to Retroactively Steal Credit from Investigative Journalist Pulitzer Winner Chris Hamby By Nate Thayer April 16, 2014 On Monday April 14, the excellent investigative journalist, Chris Hamby of the Center for Public Integrity, won the Pulitzer Prize for best Investigative Reporting for […]

“She pissed off the Queen, now she’s dead ”Why Brits Are Loopier Than Americans Re: Fruitcake Conspiracy Theories?

Why Are The Brits Even More Loopy Than Americans When it Comes to Fruitcake Conspiracy Theories? By Nate Thayer February 24, 2013 Some may recall that in December 2012 a couple of radio disc jockey pranksters in Australia called the London hospital where the pregnant Princess whatever-her-name-is was staying having taken ill with tummy troubles. […]

Kabul Job Opening, U.S. Hiring News Photog, Blames Afghan Corruption on “Negative Media Pics”

U.S. Job Opening for News Photogs, Picture Propagandist: U.S. Blames Afghan Corruption on Photographers for “Negative” and “Misleading” Pics U.S. Agency for International Development Says it “Can’t Compete”, Posts Job Opening to Address Charges of Corruption in Afghanistan  (Updated at 1800 hours EST with responses from the United States Agency for International Development) Nate Thayer February […]

Korean Sex And Cambodian Govt Corruption: Why You People Read My Blog And What You Are Fiddling Around With On The Internet

Korean Sex And Cambodian Govt Corruption: Why You People Read My Blog And What You Are Fiddling Around With On The Internet By Nate Thayer It is, together, alarming, confusing, depressing, and downright fascinating sometimes when reviewing the analytics of who you people are that come and read my blog–and exactly how you get here. […]

Why You Want To Avoid Getting Blown Up By A Landmine: From ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ By Nate Thayer

What Happens When Your Ride Disintigrates After Being Blown Up by Anti-Tank Landmines By Nate Thayer These photos were taken of the truck I was riding in after it drove over two Chinese anti-tank mines, in northwest Cambodia, in October 1989. I was sitting in the front seat of Russian Zil 2 1/2 ton military […]

Nate Thayer: periodismo, crowdfunding y autopromo

Nate Thayer: periodismo, crowdfunding y autopromo A much appreciated note of support from the Spanish language journalists website for my efforts to fund the publication of my my book “Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s Memoir From Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge”

How to Be Buddy-Buddy With a Guerilla General

Pol Pot's Trial Nate Thayer FEER

How to Be Buddy-Buddy With an Guerilla General It is always a pleasure when someone has positive things to say about ones work. So thanks to for their generous comments: How to Be Buddy-Buddy With an Guerilla General Posted by T. Greer in Dogs of War, Media, Southeast Asia   Far Eastern Economic Review (2 August 1997) with Thayer’s […]

A Reporter’s Trek Through Cambodian Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers

A Trek Through Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers From my files: News articles I am digitally archiving here on this blog site. This story was written in 1990 after a many weeks walk deep through the jungle with Cambodian guerrillas. It was the first independent confirmation of guerrilla claims of advances made during the then 11-year […]