Freelance Journalism: Robot sex poll reveals I Got Invited–then disinvited–as guest on Huffington Post TV

Robot Sex Poll Reveals Huffington Post Uses Slave Plantation Economic Business Model to Convince Writers to Work for No Pay: “You Should be Grateful We Let You be Our ‘House Negro’ or You’d be Picking Cotton in the Fields With the Rest of the Slaves” (This story was published four years ago today on an […]

Evil Lawyer Tricks: Gag Orders, Free Speech, and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Evil Lawyer Tricks: Gag Orders, Free Speech, and Non-Disclosure Agreements By Nate Thayer February 6, 2016 Yesterday, I was contacted, unsolicited, by the folks who are responsible for the epic TV hit reality series “Housewives of New Jersey.” They appear to want to make me a TV star. “Hi Nate, My name is Karen XXXXXX […]

Journalists say they prefer risk of beheading in Syria than reporting Ebola

U.S. Journalist with Ebola Highlights Special Terror Reporters Face Covering Disease Pandemic By Nate Thayer October 6, 2014 An American journalist stricken with the Ebola virus in Liberia has highlighted the unique dangers faced by reporters covering the rapidly growing disease pandemic, many of whom say they feel safer covering the wars in Syria where […]

Artist to Showtime: offer of “exposure” but no $’s “devalues the work of everyone”

Graphic artist asked by entertainment giant Showtime to work for no pay, rather “invaluable national exposure across multiple platforms.” Responds appropriately, says Showtime is “unethical”, “devalues the work of everyone” By Nate Thayer August 16, 2014 Dan Cassaro, a graphic artist who runs a design business in Brooklyn, New York, received an email from the giant Showtime entertainment […]

Is a freelance journalism career a Sisyphean delusion?

Why today I think continuing my career as a freelance journalist may be a Sisyphean, untenable delusion   By Nate Thayer June 5, 2014 Here is an update with further evidence suggesting that making a viable living as a professional freelance journalist and writer is an untenable, Sisyphean delusion: I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning, […]

ABC News Exposed for Threats Demanding Undue Credit for Pulitzer Prize

Center for Public Integrity Responds with Epic Smack Down after ABC News tries to Retroactively Steal Credit from Investigative Journalist Pulitzer Winner Chris Hamby By Nate Thayer April 16, 2014 On Monday April 14, the excellent investigative journalist, Chris Hamby of the Center for Public Integrity, won the Pulitzer Prize for best Investigative Reporting for […]

The Free Press is Dead–Temporarily

By Nate Thayer March 19, 2014 Don’t believe anything you read in the media anymore. I don’t And spare me the “Mainstream Media” hyperbole. It doesn’t exist. The truth is that the so-called mainstream media, or the tattered shreds of its remaining vestiges, are considerably more trustworthy than the anarchy of online sleuths who never […]

A Freelance Journalist’s High Praise and Kind Words for Sympathy for the Devil

High Praise from a freelance journalist for Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge: “The book also promises to be a rollicking account of a bygone era of journalism, when reporters were colorful characters who nonetheless possessed serious intent and influence. The remarkable thing is that Thayer did it as a […]

How–And Why-The New York Times Didn’t Interview Pol Pot

How–and Why– The New York Times Didn’t Interview Pol Pot By Nate Thayer January 23, 2014 After I interviewed Pol Pot in July and October 1997, my excellent magazine, the Far Eastern Economic Review–the sister publication of the Wall Street Journal and both owned by Dow Jones–nominated me and the story for a Pulitzer Prize. […]

A Reporter’s Trek Through Cambodian Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers

A Trek Through Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers From my files: News articles I am digitally archiving here on this blog site. This story was written in 1990 after a many weeks walk deep through the jungle with Cambodian guerrillas. It was the first independent confirmation of guerrilla claims of advances made during the then 11-year […]

The Private Letters of a Foreign Correspondent: Communicating With the Khmer Rouge; CIA Spy Accusations; Nomination for a Pulitzer Prize

Select Private Correspondence from the Files of a Foreign Correspondent:  By Nate Thayer I have been doing some tinkering and final revisions and editing of my upcoming book Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge  and have been distracted as I sort out old papers, correspondence, raw notes, and files, many which have […]

One Can Never be too Vigilant in the Defence of a Free Press

The Tools of the Trade–Journalism Cambodia Style–1990’s Covering the Cambodia debacle in the 1980’s and 1990’s was an assignment fraught with danger and intrigue. The Khmer Rouge had executed more than 4 dozen foreigners–the vast majority journalists. Their primary opposition, the Vietnamese backed and installed government of Hun Sen, has summarily targeted and murdered dozens […]