Freelance Journalism: Robot sex poll reveals I Got Invited–then disinvited–as guest on Huffington Post TV

Robot Sex Poll Reveals Huffington Post Uses Slave Plantation Economic Business Model to Convince Writers to Work for No Pay: “You Should be Grateful We Let You be Our ‘House Negro’ or You’d be Picking Cotton in the Fields With the Rest of the Slaves” (This story was published four years ago today on an […]

Is a freelance journalism career a Sisyphean delusion?

Why today I think continuing my career as a freelance journalist may be a Sisyphean, untenable delusion   By Nate Thayer June 5, 2014 Here is an update with further evidence suggesting that making a viable living as a professional freelance journalist and writer is an untenable, Sisyphean delusion: I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning, […]

Kabul Job Opening, U.S. Hiring News Photog, Blames Afghan Corruption on “Negative Media Pics”

U.S. Job Opening for News Photogs, Picture Propagandist: U.S. Blames Afghan Corruption on Photographers for “Negative” and “Misleading” Pics U.S. Agency for International Development Says it “Can’t Compete”, Posts Job Opening to Address Charges of Corruption in Afghanistan  (Updated at 1800 hours EST with responses from the United States Agency for International Development) Nate Thayer February […]

Why Journalism is Better than a Real Job: Excerpts from Sympathy for the Devil

Why Journalism is Better than a Real Job: Excerpts from Sympathy for the Devil Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s Memoir From Inside Pol Pot’s Cambodia (Copyright Nate Thayer. No publication or distribution in whole or part without express prior written permission from the author) Please consider donating to support the publication of Sympathy for […]

Why You Want To Avoid Getting Blown Up By A Landmine: From ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ By Nate Thayer

What Happens When Your Ride Disintigrates After Being Blown Up by Anti-Tank Landmines By Nate Thayer These photos were taken of the truck I was riding in after it drove over two Chinese anti-tank mines, in northwest Cambodia, in October 1989. I was sitting in the front seat of Russian Zil 2 1/2 ton military […]

How–And Why-The New York Times Didn’t Interview Pol Pot

How–and Why– The New York Times Didn’t Interview Pol Pot By Nate Thayer January 23, 2014 After I interviewed Pol Pot in July and October 1997, my excellent magazine, the Far Eastern Economic Review–the sister publication of the Wall Street Journal and both owned by Dow Jones–nominated me and the story for a Pulitzer Prize. […]

Korean Sex, the Atlantic magazine, and Ted Koppel: What visitors wanted to read in 2013

My 2013 statistics for my blog, (now moved to, have been summarized and broken down. They provide for interesting, sometimes disturbing, sometimes humorous, sometimes enlightening,and to me, fascinating insight into how and why people decide to visit an online site, via what social media networks, from where the readers live, and what topics […]

ABC News and Ted Koppel owe an apology for soiling the integrity of freelancers and the institution of journalism

Mr. Koppel, you owe an apology to the institution of journalism for soiling its integrity. By Nate Thayer December 12, 2013 Well, Mr. Ted Koppel, I, for one, would like to hear your response to my contention you pimped your reputation for integrity to ABC News/Disney Corporation in order to steal the life work of […]

Corporate Power, ABC TV and Ted Koppel tried to censor the free speech of a free man in a free country. Fuck that.

Corporate power tried to steal my life work. ABC  TV and Ted Koppel tried to censor the free speech of a free man in a free country. Fuck that. Discuss freedom. I would like to define this discussion, where it belongs: The power of corporate thugs using their money to put their jackboot on the […]

How Ted Koppel and ABC TV Tried to Steal my Life Work

abc stolen pic july 29 1997 1108 am edt

How Ted Koppel and ABC TV Tried to Steal my Life Work By Nate Thayer December 8, 2013 I am banned by legal agreement to write the following: ABC Television/ Disney Corporation, after seven years in court, where they attempted to bankrupt me and ruin my reputation for objecting to them stealing fifteen years of […]

The Night I Lived: IED’s and Journalism: Excerpts from Sympathy for the Devil

Landmines, war, and Journalism: One war reporter’s close encounter with religion, death, and victory Excerpt from Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge By Nate Thayer (Copyright Nate Thayer. No reproduction or dissemination in whole or in part without express written permission of the author)  Your Support is Needed  Please excuse, in […]

Musician’s Protest Goes Viral: Corporations offer no payment in exchange for “exposure”

Musicians say Enough is Enough for being asked to work for Free: One mans strongly worded refusal goes viral on social media A Familiar refrain: “They consistently offer musicians nothing for their work, instead suggesting ‘exposure’ as a form of payment.” The issue of for profit companies trying to increase their profit margin by refusing […]