Assassination of Cambodian #Kemley Marks Hun Sen’s Mafia Rule

Analyst’s Murder Highlights Cambodian Misrule Dictator Hun Sen uses brutality to maintain power & erode international confidence, writes Nate Thayer Nate Thayer July 11, 2016 Asia Sentinel Minutes after prominent Cambodian independent political analyst Kem Ley was gunned down in broad daylight, police arrested a “suspect” who had “confessed” to the assassination. Within hours, a […]

AP reports N. Korea “Ice Bucket Challenge”: silent on repression of disabled

AP reports “Ice Bucket Challenge” in North Korea; doesn’t on NK repression of disabled people Viral water dunking campaign for charity staged in Pyongyang by American rappers By Nate Thayer Sept 1, 2014 The Associated Press should be ashamed of themselves for being a willing collaborator in disseminating the state propaganda of North Korea, the world’s […]

Jailing Journalists, Military Power & Corruption: The Deadly Perfect Storm

Egypt and Thailand: the Lethal Nexus of Military Rule, Corruption, and Press Censorship Egyptian army claims it has discovered AIDS cure using debunked science of novelty toy marketed to find lost golf balls; thousands arrested, killed as Thai military buys same bogus technology to detect explosives, drugs By Nate Thayer July 12, 2014 Egypt’s “men of […]

US to China:’H. Rights Now or Embassy St. Name Changes!’: China to US: ‘Exactly’

US Threatens to Change Chinese Embassy Street Name; Boldest Defence of  Human Rights in Decades Beijing Spokesman Responds: “Exactly” China Changed Name of  Beijing Street of U.S. Embassy to “Anti-Imperialist Street” in 1970’s:  Now Location of  McDonald’s  Selling Most Hamburgers in the World By Nate Thayer June 26, 2014 U.S. politicians are boldly moved to rename […]

Cambodian Army’s dossier of shame

Army’s dossier of shame The state sponsored violence in Cambodia in recent days has a long and predictable history that made the current events inevitable. “Villagers feel totally helpless as they see no recourse against official arbitrary violence and abuses. Deprived of any means to seek justice, even when their children are taken away and […]

A letter to a young Cambodian-2013: Reflections on a toxic political culture

Cambodia-2013: Reflections on a toxic political culture A letter to a young Cambodian If Cambodia is not careful, they will be relegated to selling roadside trinkets along the highway as the rest of properly organized Asia zooms through without stopping  between Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City By Nate Thayer June 26, 2013 Alright I just expelled […]

Why I am a Journalist: Continued….From a Daughter in Exile From her Own History

Why I am a Journalist: Continued… From a Daughter in Exile From her Own History Dear Mr. Thayer, I truly enjoy your many articles and writing that you have posted on your website.  Growing up in the States and being around the Khmer community, I constantly remember old folks and even my grandfather blaming the […]

Thoughts on the Death of Mass Murderer Ieng Sary:Cambodian Political Culture and North Korea

Thoughts on the Death of Mass Murderer Ieng Sary: The Khmer Rouge and North Korea It is the Cambodian Political Culture which Should be Indicted By Nate Thayer (c)Nate Thayer. All rights reserved. No republication in whole or part without express written permission from the author Pol Pot’s brother in law, Khmer Rouge foreign minister […]

25 Years of Slam Dunk Diplomacy: Rodman trip and history of U.S.-North Korean basketball diplomacy

25 Years of Slam Dunk Diplomacy: Rodman trip comes after decades of basketball diplomacy between U.S. and North Korea as a central tool in nuclear bomb negotiations by Nate Thayer , March 4, 2013 Published in NK News  NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman’s circus troupe delegation to North Korea was greeted by ridicule by most of […]

Happy Chinese New Year in Cambodia: Corrupt Govt Officials Hand Cash to Hundreds of Soldiers

Happy Chinese New Year in Cambodia What a pathetic embarrassment the Cambodian government is, a B grade rip-off of the Lord of the Flies. Happy Chinese New Year in Cambodia means hundreds of police, military police and Cambodian army soldiers gathering to receive cash envelopes outside the house of one of Cambodia’s biggest crime syndicate […]

Google Chief’s Teenage Daughter Blog Puts AP North Korea News Bureau to Shame: A Comparative Analysis

Amateur Journalism of Teenage Daughter of Google Chief Puts AP North Korea Reporting to Shame: A Comparative Analysis Exactly one year ago, the Associated Press was granted permission to open a news bureau in North Korea, becoming the first western media agency to set up an official operation, providing what was to be a major […]

Rape, Child Abuse, and Animal Cruelty: Women’s Sexual Freedom and Respecting My Pal Lamont

Rape, Child Abuse, and Animal Cruelty: Why Everyone’s Sexual Pleasure Requires Women Have Sexual Freedom And Why That Means You Have to be Nice to My Pal, Lamont.  By Nate Thayer Warning: If you are disturbed by explicit sexual content or disturbing descriptions of violence do not read further I recently posted a story outraged […]