Internal Ku Klux Klan mutiny may spell collapse of extremist white power group

Entire leadership of Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan resign after top leader charged with attempted murder of fellow Klansmen

A rare equivalent of a White Nationalist Fatwa was issued by a secretive body of elders from 16 different Klan groups excommunicating LWK Imperial Wizard Christopher Barker 

By Nate Thayer

February 27, 2017

The most extreme white supremacist organization in the U.S. is threatened with collapse after a mutiny from members has seen nearly all their leadership resign in the wake of two top officers charged with stabbing a fellow Klansman during a drunken argument, according to more than a dozen former members of the KKK faction and a cache of internal documents detailing the turmoil.


More than 150 members, including the entire national governing body and every state chapter head in the U.S. have resigned from the North Carolina based Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, with the exception of the embattled Imperial Wizard–or national leader– and a single top lieutenant.

Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Christopher Barker blames his mounting problems on the “Jew Media.”

The exodus was sparked by the arrest of both men on attempted murder related charges December 3, 2016 .

A cache of leaked internal, confidential documents and internal communications show an organization on the brink of final collapse, say recent defectors from the Loyal White Knights who say the group is unlikely to survive the putsch. More than 90% of active members have left the group in recent weeks, a copy of the LWK’s current confidential membership list obtained by this reporter shows.


In a rare unified statement, a “Proclamation” was signed by the highest ranking officers from 16 other, separate Ku Klux Klan groups “denouncing” Christopher Eugene Barker, 37, the long-time Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Knights, and declaring both he and his Klan faction are “banished forever” from the Ku Klux Klan. The proclamation was weeks in the making after a secretive body of Klan elders representing groups from across the country were quietly approached and agreed to issue the equivalent of a White Nationalist excommunication February 24, according to a copy of the document.

The KKK council of elders issue a rare proclamation excommunicating Christopher Barker and his Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan February 24, 2017

The proclamation was the first issued by the Ku Klux Klan on any topic in more than a decade. It “denounced” Barker, of Yanceyville, North Carolina and “expelled” him and his decreed a “refusal to recognize as being legitimate in any way” the Loyal White Knights of the KKK.  Any Klansman who continues to “associate with the LWK or Chris Barker” will be forbidden from joining other Ku Klux Klan organizations or having any contact with other Klansmen in the future.

Text from the rare proclamation issued by 16 different KKK leaders excommunicating and denouncing Christopher Barker and his Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan February 24, 2017

It harshly “rebuked” Barker as an “attempted murderer, a known habitual alcoholic, a convicted felon, an alleged forgerer (sic), an accused arsonist, a convicted thief, and an abuser of women”, among other allegations. North Carolina law enforcement documents corroborate that Barker has previously been charged for each of those allegations. A copy of the equivalent of the KKK Fatwa was obtained by this reporter on the weekend and sent by registered mail to Barker’s North Carolina home last Friday. It also states “we have reason to believe” that Barker has been working as an undercover informant for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The family of Loyal White Knights Imperial Wizard Christopher Barker in their traditional regalia


After Mr. Barker received the denunciation of him and his group today, he in turned lashed out at his detractors in a document he emailed to supporters. “James and his wife Theresa Taylor are nothing more but Title Chasers,” wrote Barker about a respected KKK elder who has been active in the Klan for more than 50 years. Taylor was the #2 ranking officer in the LWK until he resigned in protest after the December stabbing incident. Barker continued accusing relatives of Taylor’s of being “married to an Arab” and having “lived with blacks for over a year.”

Barker continued with an ad hominem attack on another long time KKK activist accusing him of “slurred speech and his falling asleep on the phone.” That man was in charge of overseeing LWK activities in 11 midwestern states until he, too, resigned to protest Barker’s involvement in the attempted murder of another Klansman in December.


But Barker might have gone too far in his rage when he accused the man he faces charges for attempting to murder of sleeping with another member’s wife in the widely circulated document he sent to the personal email account of his alleged victim, Richard Dillon, of Hammond Indiana. Barker accused Dillon of sleeping with one of his former top lieutenants who recently resigned, saying “she was sleeping with a Richard Dillon from Indiana. Also we got tired of answering phone calls wondering where his wife is when she was with Richard Dillon.”

Barker’s release on bail February 14 on felony charges of trying to kill Mr. Dillon state Barker is forbidden to contact or interact with Dillon as a condition of being allowed to remain out of jail while he is awaiting trial, and his attack on Dillon and sending him messages could be interpreted by the court as threatening or harassment of his alleged victim.

“I just wanted to give a shout out and a pat on the back to all the members who are still with us. Some people have heard second-hand info (some from the Jewish media), and without getting their facts straight, decided to punk out, and quit the LWK instead of waiting to hear what happened from someone who was actually there,” wrote Barker this month to his remaining members. “To me, when you take an oath before Yahweh [A reference to God used by some white supremacists], then break that oath for something like the recent event, that is no different from a soldier who abandons their post. Better we find out now than on the front lines later!!! When you shake an apple tree, the rotten apples (tourists or wannabes) fall away, but those that remain are the ones that can be relied upon to have their Brother’s back. Those that remain are the real revolutionaries, and may Yahweh bless you all for that!!!”


Loyal White Knights Imperial Wizard Christopher Eugene Barker is currently awaiting trial for “felony aiding and abetting assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury” for a pre-dawn December 3rd stabbing incident in his home which Klan members say was a premeditated murder attempt against a fellow Klansman, Richard Dillon of Indiana. Barker was released from a North Carolina jail February 14 after a Caswell county, North Carolina court reduced his initial $200,000 bond to $75,000.

Christopher Barker when he was arrested on attempted murder related charges December 3, 2016 in North Carolina

In a related move, in an effort to staunch the internal turmoil and mass exodus of members, the Loyal White Knights announced to it’s secret membership list this month the appointment of a new Imperial Wizard–or national head–of the Klan group.


But more than a dozen recent defectors from the Loyal White Knights insist that Barker still maintains sole and full power over the LWK faction. They say the appointment of a New Imperial Wizard is a public relations maneuver to distance the controversial Barker from a public leadership role, which is a violation of the conditions of his federal probation that forbid him from any involvement with the Ku Klux Klan.

The profile of new Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Joseph Meredith, who has a long criminal record including arrests for first degree rape, indecent liberties with a minor, and sexual assault on a child under 12, among a plethora of other criminal arrests

The titular new Imperial Wizard, Joseph Eugene Meredith, 53, of Olin, North Carolina is a curious choice to replace Barker as the top leader of the Klan faction to improve the public image of the Klan group. Meredith is a convicted rapist and child molester with an extensive criminal record dating back 20 years, according to court and law enforcement records, and his appointment is more likely to undermine current, apparently doomed, attempts by the LWK to reposition their public image into one of a law-abiding, Christian fraternal organization.


Meredith’s criminal record includes convictions for first degree rape, indecent liberties with a child, assault on a child under 12, assaulting a female, defrauding an innkeeper, worthless checks, failure to return rental property, larceny, communicating threats, burglary, weapons charges, assault, discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling, and more than 20 alcohol related arrests, among a plethora of other criminal charges.

In addition, Meredith currently has outstanding warrants for his arrest on old criminal charges, according to North Carolina law enforcement sources.

Meredith’s alcohol related charges are so extensive North Carolina designated him an “habitual offender.” North Carolina law enforcement sources say the courts ordered his vehicle equipped through at least the year 2022 with an “Interlock” device that requires the driver to blow into a “breathalyzer “to prove he has not consumed alcohol in order for the car’s engine to start.


Loyal White Knights sources that Christopher Barker’s decision to transfer the official role of top leader of the Klan faction to Meredith was also motivated by the “special restrictions” of his own federal probation conditions imposed after he plead guilty to “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon” in 2013. At that time, Barker agreed to work as an informant for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in exchange for him not having to serve a mandatory minimum ten years in federal prison for his conviction on those charges, according to law enforcement sources, court documents, and officials familiar with the case.

Mr. Barker has been arrested more than 40 times in recent years on a plethora of charges ranging from violently assaulting his wife to “malicious arson” for burning down the house of a rival. In addition, Barker has more than 20 alcohol related arrests and was convicted on federal charges of “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon” in 2012.


Arrested with Barker for the December 3, 2016 stabbing of fellow Klansman Richard Dillon of Hammond, Indiana was William Hagen, who was jailed on a $350,000 secured bond, but both men have since been released from custody.

Hagen, 50, of Anaheim, California is awaiting trial on charges of “felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury”–the North Carolina equivalent of attempted murder.

William Hagen, the Grand Dragon for California of the Loyal White Knights looking worse for wear in his December 3, 2016 mug shot after being arrested on attempted murder charges for stabbing another Klansman in a drunken argument in Christopher Barker’s home in Caswell County North Carolina. Hagen faces identical charges for a separate stabbing of a Mexican American in a Denny’s restaurant parking lot in Orange County, California. He is free on bail for the charges after posting a cumulative $850,000 bond

When he was arrested in December in North Carolina, Hagen was already awaiting trial on similar charges in California. He had been released on a $500,000 secured bond there after he is alleged to have stabbed a Mexican American in a Denny’s restaurant parking lot in what was investigated as a hate crime at the time. He was released in December in North Carolina after posting an additional $350,000 bond in that state. In addition to the North Carolina and California charges of which he is awaiting trial in both states, Hagen had been arrested at least two other times previously on charges of stabbing people in California.


The internal turmoil within the group is detailed in a cache of Loyal White Knights secret internal documents and communications obtained by this reporter in recent days.

“If you have seen on the news about me, I didn’t stabb (sic) no one. It was just a fight between Bill and Richard about a voice mail,” wrote Barker to his members on December 4, the day after the he was charged with the attempted murder of the Indiana Klansman. “It is nothing like the JEW MEDIA is putting out.”


But by then it was too late. Almost immediately, senior officers holding ranks in the Loyal White Knights said they had seen enough, citing numerous incidents of Barker being drunk and violent at other Klan events in states across the country.


Barker, who is known for his vitriol and attacks on anyone he perceives as a rival or disloyal, began attacking their dissenters, and all those who resigned in protest of the stabbing incident were targeted by Barker who claimed they had not quit, but were forced out because of egregious conduct. A list that the Loyal White Knights have of what they claim are “banished” members are dominated by those who left on their own accord or after personal disputes with Chris Barker.


“To all members of the Loyal White Knights. Banished members and Disloyal Klansmen are not to be spoke with. They are aliens to the Invisible Empire and members who talk to these people will be banished,” wrote Barker this month on the internal LWK private message board to the dwindling number of remaining members, threatening to punish anyone who continued contact with his growing enemies list.

One of numerous pages from a list of LWK members that have left the LWK who Barker has accused of a potpourri of colorful shenanigans

The descriptions of the alleged misconduct of those on the expanding list of his recent comrades now designated as enemies are colorful and consist of ad hominem attacks.

One member is accused of being “an idiot who let’s drug users run over him.” Numerous former members are accused of everything from fraternizing with non-whites, to illegal drug use, to “thinking his race was not as important as his life in front of Jew Tube.” Others are simply accused of “being a fed.”


“She was banished for trying to hide the fact she had a mixed child” Barker wrote of one former member. Another was “caught by the media while doing an interview looking at Asian porn.”

More accusations against former members of the LWK by Christopher Barker which are mostly false vitriol, say defectors from the group

“The FEDS gave him a big payoff with enough money to have his own church built,” Barker wrote of another. Another was dismissed as a “Banished RACE TRAITOR slept with a JEW whore.”


“Banished race Traitor slept with a Mexican girl. Claimed he could not tell she was a beaner,” was the purported reason for another former member. One former Klansman is accused of being “Banished for stealing brass plaques off of graves.”


The several page list of recently departed members concludes with “These wretched souls are never again to enter the Invisible Empire again. May God punish them for their evil ways. And may they never touch something as pure as a Klansman’s robe again.” It is signed “Imperial Wizard Chris Barker.”


Until only weeks ago, the LWK was “perhaps the most active Klan group in the United States today,” said Carla Hill of the Anti Defamation League. In 2015, the LWK made headlines in 15 states, through public rallies and pre dawn “Knight rides” dropping leaflets in mostly black neighborhoods. The purported recruiting tool is actually designed to cause community outrage that, in turn, often garnered media coverage. The publicity inevitably would result in a spike in calls to the Loyal White Knights telephone “Hotline” number from people seeking to join the group, which in turn resulted in more membership applications, which require an initial fee of $20.


Senior defectors from the group say that all those funds went to Barker’s own use and there are no accounting records kept to track of how funds are spent.


The ADL documented 74 incidents of Klan leafleting in 2016, 43 of which were by LWK members.


The Loyal White Knights have held public events in numerous states in recent years. In Rome, Georgia they dominated a white supremacist rally celebrating Hitler’s birthday in April 2016. In one event which gained international attention, the permit to hold a public rally in July 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina in the days after Dylan Roof, a lone white supremacist walked into an all black church and shot dead nine black parishioners, was taken out in the name of Amanda Barker, Chris Barker’s wife. In Tupelo, Mississippi, the LWK was high-profile at a white nationalist protest of immigration and what they refer to as a looming plot of “white genocide.”

William Hagen, aka Billy Quigg is seen after being attacked in Anaheim, California in February, 2016 (Photo Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times via the AP)





Barker was released from jail in August 2012 “into federal custody” after spending only six days in a Forsyth county, North Carolina jail where he had been held as a “federal prisoner,” after his arrest for “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon,” according to sealed federal court documents and other classified FBI documents obtained by this reporter, and confirmed by both other law enforcement sources and Klan associates close to Barker.


In Barker’s 2013 unusually light sentence to probation and avoiding jail time after he pleads guilty to the federal charges, a federal court later explained the leniency shown the Klan leader. “At the original sentencing, the Court departed from the applicable guideline range…as a result of the defendants substantial assistance.” Federal sentencing guidelines for a conviction on that charge mandates a minimum 10 years in federal prison.

The Loyal White Knights in Columbia, South Carolina demonstrating in the days after the mass shooting of 9 black church parishioners by white supremacist Dylann Roof July 18, 2015

In another sealed federal court document, a federal judge hinted at Barker’s cooperation with federal law enforcement and the Joint Terrorism Task Force as a reason for his lenient sentence. “The original sentence was below the advisory guideline system for reasons other than those identified as authorized departures.”


But Barker’s federal probation conditions did forbid him from participating in any Klan activities, associating with other Klansmen, consuming alcohol at all, breaking any local, state, or federal laws, or traveling out of North Carolina without the permission of his probation officer.


Barker’s “special restrictions” for his sentence to probation on the federal charges include: “The defendant shall not leave the judicial district without the permission of the court or probation officer”; The defendant shall work regularly at a lawful occupation unless excused by a probation officer for schooling, training, or other acceptable reasons”; “The defendant shall refrain from any excessive use of alcohol”; “The defendant shall not associate with any persons engaged in criminal activities, and shall not associate with any person convicted of a felony unless granted permission to do so by the probation officer”; “The defendant shall notify the probation officer within 72 hours of being arrested or questioned by a law enforcement officer”; “The defender shall not enter into any kind of agreement to act as an informer or special agent of a law enforcement agency without the permission of the court”; “not commit another federal, state, or local crime”; “not associate with or be in the company of any gang members/security threat group member, including but not limited to the Ku Klux Klan (the “KKK”)”; “not frequent any locations where gangs/security threat groups congregate or meet”; and “not wear, display, use, or possess any clothing or accessories which has any gang or security threat group.”


A large body of evidence shows that Barker has repeatedly and routinely violated every one of the above probation conditions that allow him to remain free from incarceration.

Barker has been arrested several times while on probation–including three times in one day on drunk driving charges. “On August 6, 2015, Mr. Barker was arrested by the North Carolina Highway Patrol in Yanceyville, North Carolina for Driving While Impaired on two separate occasions. The next scheduled court date is set for May 4, 2016, in Caswell County District Court, Yanceyville North Carolina,” reads an April 2016 sealed court document by his probation office asking the judge revoke Barker’s probation and remand him to federal prison.

From the FBI criminal affidavit citing Barker in a case against another Klan member who was convicted of building a “weapon of mass destruction”

But most starkly, Barker has openly led the Loyal White Knights of the KKK throughout the time his federal probation conditions specifically have forbidden him from doing so.


“The defendant shall not associate with or be in the company of any gang member/ security Threat Group Member, including but not limited to the Ku Klux Klan. The defendant shall not frequent any locations where gangs/security threat groups congregate or meet. The defendant shall not wear, display, use, or possess any clothing or accessories which has any gang or security threat group significance,” reads a portion of Barker’s supervised federal probation “special restriction”, according to June 2016 federal court documents obtained by this reporter.

Chris Barker at a LWK Klan event in West Virginia in 2015, in violation of his federal probation conditions.

But photographs of Barker attending Loyal White Knights Klan events in at least 11 states wearing full KKK regalia during the period of his federal probation show him disregarding the court order since 2012.

Chris Barker in a motel room during a LWK Klan event in Georgia in 2015, in violation of his federal probation conditions. Barker is not allowed to be involved in Klan activities or leave the state of North Carolina without the permission of his federal probation officer

Chris Barker, right, at a LWK Klan event in Indiana in 2015, in violation of his federal probation conditions. Barker is not allowed to be involved in Klan activities or leave the state of North Carolina without the permission of his federal probation officer

In 2016, in an unusual confrontation with the FBI and the federal prosecuting attorney, the United States Federal Office of Probation, an independent body, petitioned a federal court to revoke Barker’s probation and remand him to serve his sentence in a federal prison.

Christopher Barker is found to have violated the conditions of his federal probation and and arrest warrant is issued for him in North Carolina in April and June 2016

Christopher Barker is found to have violated the conditions of his federal probation and and arrest warrant is issued for him in North Carolina in April and June 2016

Christopher Barker is found to have violated the conditions of his federal probation and and arrest warrant is issued for him in North Carolina in April and June 2016


In a May 10, 2016 court sealed probation revocation appeal by the federal probation office to the U.S. District Court, Greensboro, NC, Barker’s U.S. probation Officer, James W. Long, wrote “It is our plan to pursue a supervised release violation petition, however, due to the differences of interpretation between our office and the government and the potential issue with the pending charge, we wanted to provide the court a preview of the violation report through this document to allow input and/or guidance before we proceed further. We are also considering enforcement of Mr. Barker’s search condition; however this presents unique circumstances and concerns due to his remote residential location.”


The April 2016 “Federal Probation Office Petition to the Court for revocation of supervised release” reads in part “Throughout his supervision term, our office has received and investigated allegations regarding Mr. Barker being an active advocate and spokesman for the Loyal White Knights of the KKK. Media interviews have been conducted telephonically and in print during his supervision term where Mr. Barker speaks on behalf of the KKK,” it states.


However, the probation office has focused our attention on the wording of his special conditions that he not associate with other members of the KKK and that he not wear or display any clothing or accessories of the KKK. All allegations that have been reported to our office have been evaluated with the special conditions wording in mind.…we do believe he has continued his associations and violated the security threat group special condition.”


The federal probation officer petition to remand Barker to federal prison made several references to a conflict with the federal prosecutors office, which represented the view of Barker’s FBI JTTF case officers. “We have had ongoing discussions with the Assistant United States Attorney in this case and have had some differences of opinion regarding the interpretation of the special condition wording and what is a violation. In our role as independent investigators, we have reported the allegations of violations we believe to be most likely provable under the conditions of his release as currently worded… It is our plan to pursue a supervised release violation petition, however, due to the differences of interpretation between our office and the government and the potential issue with the pending charge, we wanted to provide the court a preview of the violation report through this document to allow input and/or guidance before we proceed further.”


The document was signed as “Approved by Brad G. Whitley”, Long’s “Supervisory Probation Officer.”


On June 08, 2016 a “Warrant for Arrest of Supervised Release Violator” was issued by the judge in the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina” and the warrant was executed six days later and Barker held in a Greensboro North Carolina county jail, held as a “federal prisoner.”


On June 2, 2016, the Middle District on North Carolina federal court concluded Barker “does pose a risk of danger to the community if released.”


But, once again the FBI intervened through the Federal prosecuting attorney of the Middle District of North Carolina, opposing efforts to revoke his probation and incarcerate him.


After the federal prosecutor asked for a confidential sealed court session with the judge, the FBI detailed Barker’s cooperation as an undercover informant for the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and argued that Barker’s cooperation with federal law enforcement served a “greater national security” interest to the United States that incarcerating him would undermine.


On August 25, 2016 the court “modified terms of supervised release to include three months home detention and adding an addition term of supervised release term of one-year to run at the expiration of the defendants current supervised release term,” court documents show and Barker was released from custody once again.


Less than four months later, on December 3, Barker was arrested again in Caswell county, North Carolina on charges of attempted murder and stabbing of another Klansmen at Barker’s home in an alcohol fueled argument in the pre dawn hours of December 3, 2016.


Once again Barker’s violation of the conditions of his federal parole were not invoked and the FBI declined to take him into federal custody and argued against the revocation of his bail on the North Carolina state attempted murder related charges. Barker’s bail was reduced in early February and he was released from custody on February 14.

Defectors estimate that there may be about twenty members left in Loyal White Knights, down from between 200 to 300 active members prior to the stabbing. Most of the remaining members themselves are fresh recruits with no leadership or organizing experience, defectors say, and almost all of them were recruited over the internet. Many of those have been given ranks and titles as inducements to bolster the dwindling remnants of the Klan group as Barker and his wife Amanda, run from their home in Yanceyville, North Carolina.

One new recruit, now holding the title of “Kleagle” or chief recruiter for the state of Maryland wrote this week “Never trust anything these people say. It is all owned by Jews with an agenda even down to the small town papers. Our enemies fear the Klan so much they try to orchestrate things like this to discredit the Klan and break us apart,” he said referring to the December stabbing of another Klansman. “I have only been a member for a couple of months but I already knew that Grand Dragon Will is not the man to mess with this Order. I have so much respect for him the least we can do is maintain our membership to show our support. Folks it’s called the LOYAL White Knights. It’s more than a name.”

But it appears that the future of the Loyal White Knights is bleak and, in fact, now exists in name only.


“As for the people that left: Good Riddance!!! As they don’t know the meaning of “Non Silba Sed Anther”!!! (“Not Self, But Others.”),” wrote Chris Barker recently. “For those that are the “Real Loyal White Knights”, may Yahweh continue to bless and guide you!!! Hail Loyal White Knights!!! Hail Victory!!! KLASP (a Ku Klux Klan acronym for “Klannish Loyalty, A Sacred Principle.”)


Christopher Eugene Barker remains on federal probation and currently lives at his home in rural Caswell County in northern North Carolina.


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