Internet scamster says my dog, Lamont, can rip his head off and other stuff for $$$

By Nate Thayer

April 12, 2017

I was contacted today by a very nice gentleman who alerted me I was entitled to large sums of money. Here is the verbatim conversation:


Him: Hello. How are you doing today?


Me: Okay


Him: I am doing good. I was just wondering if you have heard the good news yet?


Me: No. I have only heard bad news today.


Him: I am so happy because I got $300,000 cash from the Facebook award from Mark Zuckerberg. He is helping all people with cash.


Me: Really? How do I get a piece of that?


Him: I wonder if you got your money yet because I saw your name on the Facebook award list. Have you received your own money too?


Me: No! But I need money! Lots of it–and quick. My mother is dying and I cannot pay her medical bills.


Him: But I saw your name on the list when he came to deliver the money to me and let me know everyone on the list will get money. I think you should talk to him now or email him as soon as possible so you can claim your money from him.


Him: You will need to contact them right now


Him: I promise you will receive your money from them


Me: I have to walk my dog, Lamont, because he needs to pee. But I will be back soon and look forward to hearing from you

Him: Click on this and add the agent on facebook or text him on this number (254) 236-5865. You can email him at and tell him that you are ready for your cash so they can bring money to you too. Okay, smile. I got my money delivered to me 6 hours after I contacted them so make sure you contact them now


Me: No. I don’t easily trust people. The last GF I had cheated on me and ran off to West Africa with my money. That is why I can’t pay my dying mother’s medical bills. I don’t want to communicate by some FB account. I want to know where I have to send my money to get my award. More importantly, my dog, Lamont, is plumb out of cookies and I have no more rice in my kitchen. Please help me.


Him: text him on this number (254) 236-5865. I promise you will receive your money from them.


Me: Is that in the U.S.? I am very worried about my mother and my dog being happy. Plus, I sure could use the money because I would like to visit Paris before I die. I am very sick, too. God is Great but life is short. Please help me make this happen before God takes me to someplace better, because I sure as heck am suffering here on this earth now, broke with not enough money to feed my beloved dog, Lamont. He deserves better. So does my mother, but less so…


Him: Text them right now


Me: Okay. I will. You seem like a very nice person, too. Why are you being so helpful to my very sinful self when my own mother tells me I deserve to burn in Hell. That is what she told me today. And she would not fix me a tuna fish sandwich and made me leave the house broke and hungry. She even told my dog he is a “bad boy.” It broke my heart. Are you single?


Him: What help do you want me to do?


Me: I need a very big hug because I am lonely. I also need money because I can’t feed my dog. I use to be very rich, but now I am not. But I will be again. I want to share my God bestowed luck with others, but right now I think God does not love me. I need a big hug. Plus money…


Him: But you will need to pay them the UPS fee


Me: That is Okay. I can borrow it from my brother. He is very rich.


Me: But I really need a big hug. Would you do that for me? I am very sad at how mean people are in the world and I worry God hates me

Him: Okay. Fill out this form first

Full name……..

Full Home Address……

City name …..



Zip code….

Your Age…..


Pager Number or Phone Number…….


What do you do for living………

Do you Own a house or Rent Appt…….


Me: I have to fill out a form saying if I have a house? I hope you are not just another woman who has taken advantage of my love and innocence. I need someone to love me. You aren’t trying to take advantage of me, are you? I use to be a virgin. But I am not now because someone took advantage of me. Will you hug me and mean it? I am crying here, alone, by my computer, by myself, with no one to hug. I don’t trust anyone but my dog Lamont, who I love very much. He gives a lot of love, but he does not hug me because he does not have opposable thumbs


Him: Fill out the form in time. I will help you collect the money so here is the form so fill it out right now


Me: I don’t think you really like me because you won’t give me a hug


Him: I love you right, but fill out the form


Me: Do you really love me? That is what everyone says. But I am so sad because I don’t think anyone loves me. Do you really love me? Please don’t lie to me. You wouldn’t do that, would you?


Him: Listen to me very well you need to fill out the form


Me: Okay. But will you love me if I fill out the form. Please promise me. My mother is dying. And Lamont needs to have his cookies. I love my mother. I am very sad. I love Lamont even more, but please don’t tell my mother that…


Him: I promise you will receive your money


Me: I want the money. But I need a big hug, too. And I really, really need to know I can trust you. I am tired of people trying to take advantage of me. Why won’t you tell me you will hug me?


Him: As how do you want me to hug you?


Me: You know, a big hug. I need to know someone loves me and I can trust them because they love me for who I am.


Him: What do you want me to do for you right now?


Me: I really like my cock being sucked. Would you promise me you will suck my cock if I fill out the form. I really would like my cock sucked. Are you pretty?


Him: Yes


Me: You know I have a very, very big cock. Are you sure you can take it in your mouth?


Him: Yes


Me: I want you. A lot. But my dog, Lamont, wants you even more. He gets off on ripping people’s heads off. Is that okay with you?


Him: yes


Me: You will let Lamont rip your head off if I fill in the form?


Him: Chat conversation ended


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