Combat war reporter Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, & Lies: How they abuse women & journalism

More from the Bill O’Reilly diaries of doing things he never did, seeing things he never did, in places he never was, and claiming he is something he isn’t, when he is not claiming he never did the things he did do, continued… By Nate Thayer April 21, 2017   This Bill O’Reilly soap opera, like […]

U.S. fusses over president’s feet as world panics we have lost our mind

Partisan America’s fetish with the feet of our presidents By Nate Thayer   March 1, 2017    Partisan Washington’s fetish with presidential feet dominated news headlines yesterday, trumping the global consensus the leaders of the Free World have lost their minds.   Trump presidential advisor KellyAnne Conway was spanked throughout official Washington for kneeling and putting her feet […]

Washington Post gets punked by Malaysian earthquake “naked blogger”

Washington Post gets punked by Malaysian earthquake “naked blogger” Canadian nudist admits he was not in Malaysia; Social Media story concocted to “troll” media  By Nate Thayer June 14, 2015 Remember the kerfuffle about the naked foreign tourists who climbed Malaysia’s Mt. Kinabalu and caused an earthquake that killed 18 people? The story actually did […]

Associated Press Stays the Propaganda Course in Mundane North Korea Reporting

Associated Press Stays the Propaganda Course in Mundane North Korea Reporting Fully staffed Pyongyang news bureau won’t report major fire  Media competition does from Seoul, Tokyo, Washington By Nate Thayer June 12, 2015 On Thursday, June 11, there was a major fire at the iconic Koryo hotel in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. The story […]

Why not to bloviate when you aren’t a war hero: How O’Reilly doesn’t factor

Under Fire: A comparative study of the not-war-hero, me, and my anti-doppelgänger Bill O’Reilly: How to actually get shot at and not be an idiot By Nate Thayer February 20, 2014 O’Reilly interviews a Boston Globe photographer who was at the finish line when the Boston Marathon bombs were detonated (well sort of because he doesn’t let […]

The AP in North Korea: A Potemkin news bureau? Secret AP deal gives Pyongyang control over news

By Nate Thayer NK News December 24, 2014 According to 14 current and former AP reporters involved in news produced out of the North Korean bureau, as well as the detailed draft agreement signed by AP top management with North Korea, the Pyongyang bureau is the only one in the world where the AP allows: […]

Syracuse University bans Pulitzer winner over Ebola fears

Washington Post photographer Michel du Cille covered Ebola crisis in Liberia in September, has completed 21 day self quarantine, shown no symptoms, and accompanied head of CDC yesterday to Congressional  hearings  Syracuse University S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications disinvites respected journalist from journalism conference Nate thayer October 17, 2014 Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post […]

AP reports N. Korea “Ice Bucket Challenge”: silent on repression of disabled

AP reports “Ice Bucket Challenge” in North Korea; doesn’t on NK repression of disabled people Viral water dunking campaign for charity staged in Pyongyang by American rappers By Nate Thayer Sept 1, 2014 The Associated Press should be ashamed of themselves for being a willing collaborator in disseminating the state propaganda of North Korea, the world’s […]

The Journalist’s Creed: A code of ethics for journalists

The Journalist’s Creed A code of ethics for journalists  by Walter Williams,  founder and first dean of the Missouri School of Journalism—1906   *I believe in the profession of journalism. *I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the […]

ABC News Exposed for Threats Demanding Undue Credit for Pulitzer Prize

Center for Public Integrity Responds with Epic Smack Down after ABC News tries to Retroactively Steal Credit from Investigative Journalist Pulitzer Winner Chris Hamby By Nate Thayer April 16, 2014 On Monday April 14, the excellent investigative journalist, Chris Hamby of the Center for Public Integrity, won the Pulitzer Prize for best Investigative Reporting for […]

“She pissed off the Queen, now she’s dead ”Why Brits Are Loopier Than Americans Re: Fruitcake Conspiracy Theories?

Why Are The Brits Even More Loopy Than Americans When it Comes to Fruitcake Conspiracy Theories? By Nate Thayer February 24, 2013 Some may recall that in December 2012 a couple of radio disc jockey pranksters in Australia called the London hospital where the pregnant Princess whatever-her-name-is was staying having taken ill with tummy troubles. […]

ABC News and Ted Koppel owe an apology for soiling the integrity of freelancers and the institution of journalism

Mr. Koppel, you owe an apology to the institution of journalism for soiling its integrity. By Nate Thayer December 12, 2013 Well, Mr. Ted Koppel, I, for one, would like to hear your response to my contention you pimped your reputation for integrity to ABC News/Disney Corporation in order to steal the life work of […]