Government bounty hunters stalking my dog Lamont to fix U.S. health care system

Government Bounty Hunters Stalking My Dog Lamont Mutt sought to step in and pay for broken U.S. health care system By Nate Thayer October 26, 2014 Facebook is a very odd and insidious concept and one has to keep more on one’s toes than we usually realize. Today I noticed that one nemesis of my […]

U.S. Govt Sues Dog for $100,000 to solve health care crisis: Mutt responds to Power with Smooches

Medical insurance of  U.S. Govt Employee Refuses to Pay for Fractured Skull Lamont responds to power with smooches By Nate Thayer June 4, 2014 My pal, my dog Lamont, is going to be the ruin of me yet. The lovable but insufferable mutt has dragged me, once again, into another kerfuffle with polite society, this […]