Lamont Confronts Nazi Protestors: Meets Power with Smooches

Anti dog, white human supremacists flee in confusion If only Lamont had been in Charlottesville……. (From the archives of the Lamont Diaries) By Nate Thayer September 22, 2012 The internationally renowned Cross Species Rights Activist and International Peacemaker, my pal, Lamont, was credited by Law Enforcement officials with single-pawedly diffusing a dangerous racial and religious […]

Conversations with an American Nazi

My pal, Lamont, makes common ground with the deplorables Part of a continuing series of chitchats from the forbidden corners of U.S. political beliefs and polite society The series includes “Conversations with the still-married-but-not-to-me-girlfriend”, “Conversations with the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan”, and “Conversations with my pal, my dog Lamont.” Here is the first of “Conversation with […]

My dog, Lamont: The early months of a storied mutt

Rare Picture and Documents from my Pal, Lamont’s Hardscrabble Youth By Nate Thayer March 8, 2015 My pal, Lamont, the renowned international peacemaker, Respected Thinker, and Hollywood-like heart-throb, had a little known hard-scrabble youth. Recently unearthed rare documents and photos give new insight into Lamont’s early formative weeks in a foreign land which shaped his […]

Government bounty hunters stalking my dog Lamont to fix U.S. health care system

Government Bounty Hunters Stalking My Dog Lamont Mutt sought to step in and pay for broken U.S. health care system By Nate Thayer October 26, 2014 Facebook is a very odd and insidious concept and one has to keep more on one’s toes than we usually realize. Today I noticed that one nemesis of my […]

Lamont vs Ku Klux Klan: Agnostic, sexually flexible, black dog gives Bible lessons to Christian jihadists

Sexually ambidextrous illegal immigrant mutt from Mexico gives Bible lessons to white human supremacist Christian Jihadists By Nate Thayer September 21, 2014 The renowned cross species rights activist and international peacemaker, my pal Lamont, has taken exception to the newest set of friends in the Ku Klux Klan I have made researching stories recently , […]

Science study seeks to show why Lamont’s ridiculous looks don’t deter from mutt’s global sex appeal

Lamont agrees to scientific study to document the mutt’s genealogical origins, why he looks ridiculous but retains stratospheric popular sex appeal My pal, Lamont, is a very attractive chap, but his good looks might be most charitably described as “unconventional.” I was conducting a close inspection of the storied mutt this evening and, frankly, Lamont appears to have […]

BREAKING: Facebook names storied mutt, Lamont, Global Celebrity

BREAKING NEWS: Facebook officially recognizes Lamont as Famous Global Celebrity Seeking Increased Profit Margins, Top Facebook Strategy Executives Woo the Charming Mutt  By Nate Thayer June 19, 2014 Sometimes it is a bit embarrassing to be my pal, Lamont’s, human. Yesterday, I was contacted by someone from Facebook Headquarters informing me that they had made […]

U.S. Govt Sues Dog for $100,000 to solve health care crisis: Mutt responds to Power with Smooches

Medical insurance of  U.S. Govt Employee Refuses to Pay for Fractured Skull Lamont responds to power with smooches By Nate Thayer June 4, 2014 My pal, my dog Lamont, is going to be the ruin of me yet. The lovable but insufferable mutt has dragged me, once again, into another kerfuffle with polite society, this […]

My Dog, my Pal Lamont Defuses Simmering D.C. Racial Tensions

Lamont Defuses Simmering D.C. Racial Tensions Lamont Diaries continued: By Nate Thayer My pal, Lamont, has made it clear he wants to be active on the high powered Washington social circuit, to hang out with the Big Dogs. And he insists that cannot be accomplished in front of the computer, on the couch, from my […]