W. African Governments use bogus “Ebola Virus Detectors” at Airports

West African Governments Deploy Scam “Ebola Virus Detectors” at Airports, Border Check Points The bogus Ebola devices used by Nigeria, elsewhere follow use of similar fake HIV and Hep-B “Detectors” in Egypt and fraudulent “explosive detectors” in Iraq, Africa, Asia to combat terrorism. Technology first banned in U.S. as fraudulent “lost golf ball finder.” By […]

Mississippi Elvis Impersonator Terrorist Suspect Claims U.S. Coverup After Finding Body Parts in Refrigerator

Mississippi Elvis Impersonator Terrorist Suspect  Claims U.S. Coverup After Finding Body Parts in Refrigerator By Nate Thayer This Elvis cum terrorist impersonator story is only going to get more fun. If this isn’t in the news stories tomorrow, someone isn’t doing their job. From the Google page https://sites.google.com/site/paulkevincurtis/ of Paul Kevin Curtis, who was arrested […]

New Edition Of ‘Bible Of Psychiatry’ Combines Witch Doctor Hocus Pocus With Boneheaded, Unsupported Diseases in the Service of For-Profit Dope Dealers Industry

Please Stop Telling Me How I am Given Permission to Fuck, What I should Like When I do, With Whom to do so with, How Often I should Enjoy It, and Injecting Your Religious Fairy Tales as a Guidebook. And Quit selling your Soul to be in the Service of the Legal Dope Dealers While […]