FBI War on Terror tactics on trial in Domestic Terrorism case

The conspiracy between the FBI and unreliable informants to prosecute the War on Terrorism  By Nate Thayer August 7, 2017 Lake City, Florida When Ken Parker, a leader of the extreme right wing National Socialist Movement, walked into a barbershop in Jacksonville, Florida on June 23 for his regular haircut, his barber said, “The FBI […]

Notes on Love and Courage: Thoughts on a very good man

Remembering Ivor Leclerc By Nate Thayer May 18, 2017 While perusing through my files and papers I came across a handwritten copy of an eulogy I delivered at the memorial service in May 1999 for my step father, Ivor Leclerc, held at the National Cathedral Church in Washington D.C. I found stapled to my handwritten three […]

The #Savopoulos murders: My very brief career as a true-crime journalist

It is not true-crime reporting I have issues with; it is the readers of true crime stories who appear disproportionately a few fruit loops short of a nutritious breakfast By Nate Thayer June 2, 2015 I am not a crime reporter–unless you include mass murder by government and war crimes by tin-pot despots. However, last […]

‘We are the World! Who is that singer? Johnny Jackson?’: Excerpts from ‘Sympathy for the Devil’

‘We are the World!’  After threatening to assassinate American civilians, the Khmer Rouge leader continued: “Why don’t we join hands in national reconciliation. Join together! We are with you, the West!” he said, growing increasingly animated, half breaking into song. “‘We are the World!’ Who is that singer? Johnny Jackson? Like he says, ‘We are […]

My dog, Lamont: The early months of a storied mutt

Rare Picture and Documents from my Pal, Lamont’s Hardscrabble Youth By Nate Thayer March 8, 2015 My pal, Lamont, the renowned international peacemaker, Respected Thinker, and Hollywood-like heart-throb, had a little known hard-scrabble youth. Recently unearthed rare documents and photos give new insight into Lamont’s early formative weeks in a foreign land which shaped his […]

I Left My Mind in Iraq: the Taboo of Mental Illness

Or how to respond to people who have gone crazy  By Nate Thayer February 27, 2015 In April, 2003 communist Vietnamese soldiers attacked my farm in Maryland, near Washington, D.C. Specifically, a three-man Vietnamese mortar team set up their 81 millimeter mortar position by my barn and they did what mortar teams do: they were […]

Why not to bloviate when you aren’t a war hero: How O’Reilly doesn’t factor

Under Fire: A comparative study of the not-war-hero, me, and my anti-doppelgänger Bill O’Reilly: How to actually get shot at and not be an idiot By Nate Thayer February 20, 2014 O’Reilly interviews a Boston Globe photographer who was at the finish line when the Boston Marathon bombs were detonated (well sort of because he doesn’t let […]

North Korea launches global effort to stop Sony movie: Shopkeepers arrested, film banned

Shopkeepers arrested, film banned as North Korea launches a global effort to stop Sony movie at center of cyber attack  Governments feel pressure on Interview This story appeared today in Asia Times online. You can read full story at: http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/SEA-01-290115.html By Bertil Lintner in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Nate Thayer in Washington   January 29, 2015 […]

American spy chief secret meeting with head of North Korean cyber warfare

Kim Yong Chol: The man behind North Korea’s Cyber warfare. U.S. top spy James Clapper has “extraordinarily unfriendly” secret meeting with North Korean chief cyber warrior shortly before Sony attack By Nate Thayer January 9, 2015 Ten days before the attack on the Sony movie depicting the assassination of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s head […]

Should the Associated Press be registered foreign agents of North Korea?

Lawyer Joshua Stanton: Do U.S. laws require AP register as North Korean foreign agents?  By Nate Thayer December 5, 2015 From the blog of North Korean watcher and former U.S. military JAG officer, lawyer Josh Stanton: http://freekorea.us/2015/01/05/the-ap-should-release-its-mou-or-register-as-a-n-korean-propagandist/ see Mr. Stanton’s work where he has walked point on the AP coverage of North Korea since the […]

Peeking into backrooms of big media defending bad reporting: AP & Washington Examiner

Elite Media defend PR shilling for one another  By Nate Thayer December 31, 2014 Yesterday, I was forwarded an email sent to my editor from the Washington Examiner newspaper requesting comment on a story we wrote on December 24 called “The Associated Press in North Korea: A Potemkin News Bureau?” The problem was the Examiner had […]