North Korea launches global effort to stop Sony movie: Shopkeepers arrested, film banned

Shopkeepers arrested, film banned as North Korea launches a global effort to stop Sony movie at center of cyber attack  Governments feel pressure on Interview This story appeared today in Asia Times online. You can read full story at: By Bertil Lintner in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Nate Thayer in Washington   January 29, 2015 […]

American spy chief secret meeting with head of North Korean cyber warfare

Kim Yong Chol: The man behind North Korea’s Cyber warfare. U.S. top spy James Clapper has “extraordinarily unfriendly” secret meeting with North Korean chief cyber warrior shortly before Sony attack By Nate Thayer January 9, 2015 Ten days before the attack on the Sony movie depicting the assassination of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s head […]

Is the Associated Press collaborating with North Korea? AP & Pyongyang agree to separate truth from news

Very disturbing questions raised by secret agreement made between the AP and the North Korean Ministry of Propaganda and Agitation Is the Associated Press a willing collaborator with Pyongyang? AP top management refuses to answer that question. Fortunately, the excellent and embarrassed reporters of the AP are more than willing to do their job to bring the unfiltered […]

The Case of the Missing Dictator: North Korea flummoxes journalists; world spy agencies

Why did nobody know where Kim Jong Un was last week? When it comes to spy vs spy, North Korea often wins. By Nate Thayer October 14, 2014 The top world story of the boy dictator missing from public view for 40 days captured world headlines. North Korean supremo Kim Jong Un was dead; he […]

All eyes on U.S. prisoner during Dennis Rodman return visit to N. Korea

By Nate Thayer see full story at: Eccentric U.S. basketball star Dennis Rodman will arrive in North Korea today for a five day mission where all eyes are on the plight of detained American citizen Kenneth Bae, a prisoner who on Thursday Rodman promised to talk personally to Kim Jong Un to secure his […]

Dennis Rodman steals ball from U.S. govt as N Korea cancels U.S. mission to free prisoner on eve of Rodman visit

Dennis Rodman steals ball from U.S. government as N Korea cancels official U.S. mission to free prisoner on eve of Rodman visit State: “It was a done deal. King was going to come back with Kenneth Bae. That was the arrangement” See full story on BY NATE THAYER , AUGUST 31, 2013 Former NBA legend Dennis Rodman […]

Syrian Chemical Weapons: The odd tale of a lone Israeli spy and North Korea

The odd tale of a lone Israeli spy and North Korea Given the current crisis over use of chemical weapons in Syria, here is a link to a recent story on on clandestine North Korean Syrian chemical warfare cooperation (see full story at Explosion kills Syrian technicians on North Korean train, Israeli agent spotted […]

Pyongyang Porn: “Some readers may find the book objectionable” @NKNewsorg

Excerpts from Pyongyang Porn “Some readers may find the book objectionable” BY NATE THAYER , AUGUST 23, 2013 For the full story, go to at , the news organization that comprehensively provides quality journalism on all North Korea. Below are excerpts……. Artwork by NK News illustrator Cammy Smithwick   Mhari Yi, who moved to Edinburgh to attend Napier University […]

Global Trail of Dead Scientists Price of Illicit Pyongyang-Syria Weapons Collaboration

Deadly Spy War Erupts When Israel Views the Two Pariah States Have Crossed a ‘Red Line’ BY NATE THAYER WASHINGTON, D.C. – In July 2007, an explosion rocked the al-Safir chemical weapons and ballistic missile research  facility buried in cavernous underground tunnels dug under a mountain near Allepo in Northwestern Syria. Under the command of […]

One Israeli assassin, a North Korean train explosion, dead Syrian scientists, fake Canadian passports, Dubai and New Zealand arrest warrants, and a poisoned Hamas guerrilla

A mysterious North Korean train explosion, dead Syrian missile scientists, fake Canadian passports, a poisoned Hamas terrorist, and the Israeli assassin: One curious tale in the bloody global spy war behind the Middle East conflict An Israeli agent on a stolen Canadian passport spotted in Pyongyang raises eyebrows after Syrian weapons scientists are killed in a mysterious North Korean train […]

North Korea’s Hall of Mirrors: Fake Global Network of Shell Companies Key to Illicit Arms Exports

North Korea’s Global Hall of Mirrors: Shadowy front companies crucial to banned Pyongyang arms exports Investigation reveals complex web of false shell corporations spanning the world enabling DPRK arms exports By Nate Thayer NK News May 30, 2013 (See entire story at NK News ) Four years after an aircraft was seized in Bangkok with a cargo […]

White Power and Apocalyptic Cults: Pro-DPRK homegrown U.S. terrorist groups are Pyongyang chosen favorites

Pro-DPRK Americans Revealed American homegrown terrorist groups are the chosen favorites of Pyongyang by Nate Thayer , May 6, 2013 NK News Investigative Correspondent (This story appeared in Please check out the excellent NK News Pro news service  launched in May, 2013 providing in depth, quality, comprehensive coverage for those serious about understanding North Korea at […]