Patriot Games: KKK leader & undercover FBI agent heads South Carolina Confederate flag rally


July 17, 2015
By Nate Thayer


  1. says

    Wait, when was Nate’ s bar mitzvah? I think quite a few people missed that dude – so I am pretty sure he’s not Jewish (not that there is anything wrong with being Jewish. In fact, judging how they seem to have fared over the course of history one might be tempted to conclude that it’s white people who have seemingly had most of the problems to content with – high mental insanity rates, low genetic superiority when it comes to interbreeding, not really that much in the way of cultural exceptionalism unless I guess you count the ideas of the Founding Fathers – but the Puritans and the Quakers went and ruined any semblance of decency they might have hoped prevailed in the legal system they created so it kinda cancels out).

    But sorry … back to Nate and your accusation that he “made this story up”. I am curious how you arrive at such a conclusion given that the writer constantly refers to documents available to the public, official transcripts etc.? The problem with your hypothesis here my friend is that much like your assertion that Mr. Thayer is Jewish, there is no obvious evidence this is the case and a whole barrage of evidence in fact, indicating that the contrary is the case.

    Thanks for an amusing 5 mins though – that was quite fun!

  2. says

    Once again if I Chris Barker Imperial Wizard of the Loyal White Knights worked for the FBI would I not be allowed to go to every rally to collect names and try to set members up. What is wrong with this picture is that the L.W.K. can trace its roots to the original Knights of the KKK Inc..This T.A.K. pooped up out of no where IN 2009 Ancona can not name his Imperial Wizard while old school Klansman can. The closest thing Frank ever seen to an Imperial Wizard was Big Bill of the F.W.K. and he tried to screw him. Also ask Richard Bondira BLANFORD INDIANA what Ancona did to him. This man and his token nigger Daryl Davis can continue their lies FOR THE Z.O.G along with the prick who wrote this article. I’am just glad to see Gay. B. Elmore is back in this circle and needs another head bashing if you catch my drift GAY.B I have plenty of friends in Newport one you know for sure when YOU tried to set him up. All fakes BEWARE THEIR IS ONLY ONE TRUE INVISIBLE EMPIRE THE LOYAL WHITE KNIGHTS KKK.

  3. Joseph Stefurak says

    Wow – what a nice set of pictures of the Ku Klux Klan . The K.K.K. is cirtainly the ansewer to the tremendous evil Jewish and Communist internal threat facing the American people today ! Keep up the very, very good work !

  4. Eldred Coot says

    There is a threat facing this country that has nothing to do with Jews nor Black Folks; this threat is Muslims. A Muslim president has crippled America and works to be sure that the Muslims will take over the United States. This is a threat that must be stopped.

  5. says

    Your all a bunch of retarded soulous pussys hiding behind your shit stained bed sheets, your all demons not Knights, if there is a god, you would be his mistake. Do the whole world a favour and shove your pathetic flag up your ass and through your black heart! BLACK POWER✊

    • says

      What are you, 12 years old? Next time, try and contribute a comment that didn’t take a pit-stop in Jr. High School and contributed nothing of substance to the the discussion. Thank you.

  6. says

    To: If you are going to baldly steal and misrepresent and twist someones carefully constructed article and not even link or credit or cite it, so they can see the real thing, while throwing in a couple of words and a title to fit your preconceived political agenda, that is both immoral and, technically, illegal. I never wrote that the FBI or cops ran the South Carolina Confederate flag rally. I wrote, correctly, that a senior leader was and is an FBI informant. Life and truth are complicated. You appear to not want to acknowledge that truth. Either correct it, take credit for what you wrote (which was almost not a single word) and take credit for stealing and misrepresenting what someone else wrote and, most importantly, take credit for intentionally trying to make people believe something which you have provided zero evidence and did zero research to substantiate. You have every right to be an idiot. You don’t have a right to make my work, which I take seriously, look like I am an idiot. You should be ashamed of yourself.


  1. […] It was widely speculated that Barker was a FBI asset. Barker has a massive criminal record. He has a conviction for burning down the home of a former neighbor. He has been arrested numerous times for drunk driving and domestic abuse. In 2012 he was arrested for being a felon in possession of a stolen fully automatic weapon. It is being suggested that the FBI rescued him from going to prison on that charge. Four other KKK leaders claim they have banned Barker from their groups. […]

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