North Korea tried to entrap me as a spy: A visitor’s guide to the Worker’s Paradise

Diaries from a misspent youth continued….. When North Korea tried to recruit me as a spy: A visitor’s guide to the Worker’s Paradise Excerpts from Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge By Nate Thayer July 30, 2017   Recently, I wrote a story on how the Communist Party […]

How to make the Ku Klux Klan victims

News, Social Media, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Truth Or how to make victims of the Ku Klux Klan By Nate Thayer January 24, 2017 On a remote stretch of a rural Mississippi county road in recent weeks, 5 people wearing masks tried to flag down passing motorists from a remote church parking lot […]

The Road to Pol Pot: Snippets from a Journalists Memories

Behind the Scenes Reporting on War and Bad Guys By Nate Thayer June 11, 2016 I had worked for the Associated Press (AP) since 1989 covering the war in Cambodia and the myriad of guerrilla armies and refugee camps, based on the Thai border. I made 41 trips into the guerrilla controlled zones between 1989 and […]

The Ku Klux Klan Threatened to Decapitate my Dog: How Political Extremists are a Pain in the Ass

The Behind the Scenes Sausage Making of Creating a News Article From Researching the Ku Klux Klan    By Nate Thayer September 5, 2015 Recently, I have written several articles exposing a Ku Klux leader as working as an undercover operative for the FBI. Chris Barker, the Imperial Wizard–or national leader–of the most high-profile KKK […]

The Journalist’s Creed: A code of ethics for journalists

The Journalist’s Creed A code of ethics for journalists  by Walter Williams,  founder and first dean of the Missouri School of Journalism—1906   *I believe in the profession of journalism. *I believe that the public journal is a public trust; that all connected with it are, to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the […]

Washington Journalism & PR hacks: the Soviet apparatchik’s of our time

A Day in the Life of a Journalist in Washington, D.C.: Why I think the PR industry are the equivalent of Cold War era Soviet apparatchiks’   By Nate Thayer August 20, 2014 “Yes, I guess my real question is why, while trying to get a hold of an obscure economist who specializes on Caribbean […]

Jailing Journalists, Military Power & Corruption: The Deadly Perfect Storm

Egypt and Thailand: the Lethal Nexus of Military Rule, Corruption, and Press Censorship Egyptian army claims it has discovered AIDS cure using debunked science of novelty toy marketed to find lost golf balls; thousands arrested, killed as Thai military buys same bogus technology to detect explosives, drugs By Nate Thayer July 12, 2014 Egypt’s “men of […]

BREAKING: Facebook names storied mutt, Lamont, Global Celebrity

BREAKING NEWS: Facebook officially recognizes Lamont as Famous Global Celebrity Seeking Increased Profit Margins, Top Facebook Strategy Executives Woo the Charming Mutt  By Nate Thayer June 19, 2014 Sometimes it is a bit embarrassing to be my pal, Lamont’s, human. Yesterday, I was contacted by someone from Facebook Headquarters informing me that they had made […]

Is a freelance journalism career a Sisyphean delusion?

Why today I think continuing my career as a freelance journalist may be a Sisyphean, untenable delusion   By Nate Thayer June 5, 2014 Here is an update with further evidence suggesting that making a viable living as a professional freelance journalist and writer is an untenable, Sisyphean delusion: I was sitting at my desk yesterday morning, […]

In Pursuit of Mass Murderers: Sympathy for the Devil by Nate Thayer

Reporting from Inside the Final Collapse of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge. Excerpts from the unpublished book “Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalists Memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge” (Copyright Nate Thayer. All Rights Reserved. No publication or citation permitted without author’s express written permission.) By Nate Thayer April 18, 2014 By 1994, the Khmer Rouge leadership […]

The Ghosts of Quality Journalism Past: The Far Eastern Economic Review Remembered

By Nate Thayer April 2, 2014 I have always loathed the fact that print journalists almost never have control over what ends up as the headline blaring over the articles we pen. Invariably, headlines disproportionately influence, define, and trump the content of the article itself in a reader’s mind’s eye as news stories filter into […]

The Free Press is Dead–Temporarily

By Nate Thayer March 19, 2014 Don’t believe anything you read in the media anymore. I don’t And spare me the “Mainstream Media” hyperbole. It doesn’t exist. The truth is that the so-called mainstream media, or the tattered shreds of its remaining vestiges, are considerably more trustworthy than the anarchy of online sleuths who never […]