Syria’s Chemical Weapons: The North Korean Connection

Given the current crisis over use of chemical weapons in Syria, here are excerpts from a recent story from on the origins of North Korean Syrian chemical warfare cooperation. (Full story on North Korea and Syrian chemical and missile programs North Korean military experts are training Syria how to play with chemicals BY NATE THAYER , JUNE […]

One Israeli assassin, a North Korean train explosion, dead Syrian scientists, fake Canadian passports, Dubai and New Zealand arrest warrants, and a poisoned Hamas guerrilla

A mysterious North Korean train explosion, dead Syrian missile scientists, fake Canadian passports, a poisoned Hamas terrorist, and the Israeli assassin: One curious tale in the bloody global spy war behind the Middle East conflict An Israeli agent on a stolen Canadian passport spotted in Pyongyang raises eyebrows after Syrian weapons scientists are killed in a mysterious North Korean train […]

The Death of Credible Media in the Internet Age: Media More Dead Than Non Existent GF of Sports Celebrity

The Death of Credible Media in the Age of the Internet: Media Standards More Dead Than Non Existent Therefore Not Dead Girlfriend of Football Celebrity  By Nate Thayer For months, major news outlet once known for being credible, reliable sources of information with rigorous internal standards ensuring accuracy and quality control, from the New York […]

Oops. That Hits a Bit Close to Home: Second Thoughts on North Korean Propaganda

Oops. That Hits a Bit Close to Home: Second Thoughts on North Korean Propaganda By Nate Thayer I had my finger on the enter button to post a snarky comment about recent satellite photos from Google Earth which revealed a message of praise, each letter measuring 49 feet wide and 65 feet high, carved into […]

U.S. Embassy Bhenghazi Attacked by Mob, Set on Fire–in 1967

Recalling the Attack on the U.S. Compound in Benghazi – from June 1967 While researching an entirely unrelated story, I came across this remarkably familiar account of a mob attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi–in 1967.  Here, John Kormann, a U.S. Foreign Service Officer describes his experience as officer-in-charge at Embassy Benghazi, when it […]

Washington tells bar owner to rename cocktail or face justice

Egyptian Coptic Morris Sadek and Florida Pastor Terry Jones

Washington demands local bar owner rename cocktail or he will face justice while religious violence provocateurs remain free to spark World War Three Addendum update to this story: The plot thickens. It now appears the infamous “Jewish Israeli-American California real estate developer” who produced the movie that sparked this week’s mid east riots, does not […]