Conversation with a Formerly Secret Ku Klux Klansman

The sausage making process of journalism and interviewing people who don’t want to talk to you…. By Nate Thayer February 9, 2018   I will be publishing a story on a Ku Klux Klan nationwide campaign distributing racist and anti-Semitic hate literature. In recent weeks, thousands of leaflets have been thrown onto front lawns of […]

Ku Klux Klan media star admits lying being an Iraqi war veteran: “I am a media whore”

By Nate Thayer December 21, 2017 A prominent Ku Klux Klan leader has admitted lying he is a combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Steven Shane Howard, the Imperial Wizard of the North Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and a member of the National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi […]

What is a Cornball Brother?: Important Sports Journalism Questions

  How White Are You? And What The Heck is a “Cornball Brother”? Important Questions in Sports Journalism By Nate Thayer This will be my one and only venture into sports journalism. An American sports journalist for ESPN, Rob Parker, got fired for comments he made calling into question exactly how black the Washington Redskins football star […]

A War Correspondents Thank You Letter to John McCain

A letter to Senator John McCain, now in hospital with a grave illness, on how his service to his country has impacted me: Dear Senator McCain: My name is Nate Thayer and we met several times when I was an Associated Press correspondent and the Southeast Asian correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review based […]

KKK terrorist turned Priest now using pulpit for political extremism

Convicted Ku Klux Klan domestic terrorist and now Catholic priest  continues his political activism. Church says “plans for his future priestly ministry are still being discerned.” (This is the third story in a four-story package on the Catholic church cover up giving sanctuary to a now priest convicted for racial hate crimes as a bomb maker for the […]

Why writing for free is unethical

FREE-lancing: the ethics and economics of paying writers In 2013, the Magazine Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication sponsored a panel to discuss the “ethics and economics” of unpaid freelancing. Is it OK, the panel asked, for editors to ask journalists to give them stories in exchange for “exposure”? Is there ever a time […]

KKK domestic terrorist given sanctuary as Catholic priest

Church says convicted domestic terrorist priest has “no obligation under Church law” to pay U.S. court judgements to racial hate crime victims By Nate Thayer December 10, 2017 (This is the 2nd in a four-part series on the Catholic Church giving sanctuary to a convicted Ku Klux Klan domestic terrorist now serving as a priest in the […]

From Ku Klux Klan Terrorist to Catholic Priest

Blessed be the bomb makers A package of several stories detailing Catholic priest William Aitcheson’s past as a domestic terrorist will be published this week in the National Catholic Reporter. Below is a preview: By Nate Thayer After Ku Klux Klan leader Bill Aitcheson was convicted on hate crime and bomb making charges in 1977, […]

FBI War on Terror tactics on trial in Domestic Terrorism case

The conspiracy between the FBI and unreliable informants to prosecute the War on Terrorism  By Nate Thayer August 7, 2017 Lake City, Florida When Ken Parker, a leader of the extreme right wing National Socialist Movement, walked into a barbershop in Jacksonville, Florida on June 23 for his regular haircut, his barber said, “The FBI […]

North Korea tried to entrap me as a spy: A visitor’s guide to the Worker’s Paradise

Diaries from a misspent youth continued….. When North Korea tried to recruit me as a spy: A visitor’s guide to the Worker’s Paradise Excerpts from Sympathy for the Devil: A Journalist’s memoir from Inside Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge By Nate Thayer July 30, 2017   Recently, I wrote a story on how the Communist Party […]

How the Chinese recruit American journalists as spies

By Nate Thayer How China Recruits Americans to Spy July 1, 2017   On Sept. 20, 2014, agents of the Shanghai State Security Bureau of the Ministry of State Security first contacted me in a bid to recruit me as a spy, requesting I pass US state secrets to them in exchange for cash payments, […]