Freelancers’ Vital Role in International Reporting: Thoughts on the Post 9/11 World

With the rise of media conglomerates, foreign news has been shoved aside.   By Nate Thayer (Published in Nieman Reports in December 2001, shortly after the terrorist attack in New York City and the start of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, now the longest war in American history) At an annual gathering of the International […]

Why Journalists Dating Spies can be Challenging…

From the ex-Girlfriend Diaries…. By Nate Thayer June 9, 2017 This renewed brouhaha over government spies leaking classified U.S. documents to reporters reminded me (a journalist) of my ill-fated romance with a spy for the National Security Agency or NSA, otherwise known as No Such Agency, because it’s very existence is a secret even though […]

How FBI Spies Ruin the Lives of Law Abiding Americans

     By Nate Thayer June 6, 2017 For the last 26 months, I have been largely focused on investigating the broad and effectively unchecked secret police powers the U.S. government has been legally accorded in the years since the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City. Having veered off from a focus on foreign […]

Notes on Love and Courage: Thoughts on a very good man

Remembering Ivor Leclerc By Nate Thayer May 18, 2017 While perusing through my files and papers I came across a handwritten copy of an eulogy I delivered at the memorial service in May 1999 for my step father, Ivor Leclerc, held at the National Cathedral Church in Washington D.C. I found stapled to my handwritten three […]

Musings on the Excellent Name Astrid, Matt Dillon, Hollywood, & Serial Killers

A conversation with a Hollywood heart throb’s assistant Random musings on Swedish names, Pol Pot, Hollywood, and serial killers By Nate Thayer April 26, 2017 This week I was invited to attend a gala event by a Hollywood movie star. It was important and fun, to boot. But the communications swirling around before, during, and […]

Combat war reporter Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, & Lies: How they abuse women & journalism

More from the Bill O’Reilly diaries of doing things he never did, seeing things he never did, in places he never was, and claiming he is something he isn’t, when he is not claiming he never did the things he did do, continued… By Nate Thayer April 21, 2017   This Bill O’Reilly soap opera, like […]

Freelance Journalism: Robot sex poll reveals I Got Invited–then disinvited–as guest on Huffington Post TV

Robot Sex Poll Reveals Huffington Post Uses Slave Plantation Economic Business Model to Convince Writers to Work for No Pay: “You Should be Grateful We Let You be Our ‘House Negro’ or You’d be Picking Cotton in the Fields With the Rest of the Slaves” (This story was published four years ago today on an […]

The Ghosts of Quality Journalism Past: The Far Eastern Economic Review Remembered

The Ghosts of Quality Journalism Past: The Far Eastern Economic Review Remembered By Nate Thayer April 3, 2017 (This is a revised version of an article first published in 2014) I have always loathed the fact that print journalists almost never control what ends up as the headline blaring over the articles we pen. Invariably, […]

Conversations with an American Nazi

My pal, Lamont, makes common ground with the deplorables Part of a continuing series of chitchats from the forbidden corners of U.S. political beliefs and polite society The series includes “Conversations with the still-married-but-not-to-me-girlfriend”, “Conversations with the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan”, and “Conversations with my pal, my dog Lamont.” Here is the first of “Conversation with […]

The Untouchable: KKK Wizard threatens witnesses to murder attempt

The Untouchable Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan White supremacist wages campaign of threats and intimidation against witnesses in upcoming attempted murder trial By Nate Thayer March 9, 2017   Before Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Christopher Barker was arrested for attempted murder, a federal court warned if he violated his probation one more […]

Internal Ku Klux Klan mutiny may spell collapse of extremist white power group

Entire leadership of Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan resign after top leader charged with attempted murder of fellow Klansmen A rare equivalent of a White Nationalist Fatwa was issued by a secretive body of elders from 16 different Klan groups excommunicating LWK Imperial Wizard Christopher Barker  By Nate Thayer February 27, 2017 The […]