The Associated Press founding North Korean bureau chief resigns

Jean H. Lee said her departure was amicable and “no surprise” to AP management Nate Thayer January 6, 2015 Six days after the December 24 NKNews article on the Associated Press news operation in North Korea, AP’s founding North Korea bureau chief has resigned after a nearly 20 year career with the media organization. Jean […]

Should the Associated Press be registered foreign agents of North Korea?

Lawyer Joshua Stanton: Do U.S. laws require AP register as North Korean foreign agents?  By Nate Thayer December 5, 2015 From the blog of North Korean watcher and former U.S. military JAG officer, lawyer Josh Stanton: see Mr. Stanton’s work where he has walked point on the AP coverage of North Korea since the […]

AP secret agreement with propaganda arm of North Korean regime

The Associated Press in North Korea: A Potemkin news bureau? Confidential AP agreement with North Korea gives Pyongyang control over news stories (This story on the Associated Press making a secret written deal with North Korea agreeing to terms which, according to senior AP journalists involved in North Korea news coverage, have resulted in the […]

The AP in North Korea: A Potemkin news bureau? Secret AP deal gives Pyongyang control over news

By Nate Thayer NK News December 24, 2014 According to 14 current and former AP reporters involved in news produced out of the North Korean bureau, as well as the detailed draft agreement signed by AP top management with North Korea, the Pyongyang bureau is the only one in the world where the AP allows: […]

Is the Associated Press collaborating with North Korea? AP & Pyongyang agree to separate truth from news

Very disturbing questions raised by secret agreement made between the AP and the North Korean Ministry of Propaganda and Agitation Is the Associated Press a willing collaborator with Pyongyang? AP top management refuses to answer that question. Fortunately, the excellent and embarrassed reporters of the AP are more than willing to do their job to bring the unfiltered […]

AP reports N. Korea “Ice Bucket Challenge”: silent on repression of disabled

AP reports “Ice Bucket Challenge” in North Korea; doesn’t on NK repression of disabled people Viral water dunking campaign for charity staged in Pyongyang by American rappers By Nate Thayer Sept 1, 2014 The Associated Press should be ashamed of themselves for being a willing collaborator in disseminating the state propaganda of North Korea, the world’s […]

Pyongyang Porn: “Some readers may find the book objectionable” @NKNewsorg

Excerpts from Pyongyang Porn “Some readers may find the book objectionable” BY NATE THAYER , AUGUST 23, 2013 For the full story, go to at , the news organization that comprehensively provides quality journalism on all North Korea. Below are excerpts……. Artwork by NK News illustrator Cammy Smithwick   Mhari Yi, who moved to Edinburgh to attend Napier University […]

White Power and Apocalyptic Cults: Pro-DPRK homegrown U.S. terrorist groups are Pyongyang chosen favorites

Pro-DPRK Americans Revealed American homegrown terrorist groups are the chosen favorites of Pyongyang by Nate Thayer , May 6, 2013 NK News Investigative Correspondent (This story appeared in Please check out the excellent NK News Pro news service  launched in May, 2013 providing in depth, quality, comprehensive coverage for those serious about understanding North Korea at […]

Oops….Sorry About that Austin, Texas

Oops….Sorry About that Austin, Texas: An Otherwise Excellent Example of Great Journalism was Also a Tad Off The Korean Central News Agency Friday sent out one of the thousands of meticulously staged propaganda photographs they do each year, this one with a caption which included the description of an “urgent operation meeting on the Korean […]

25 Years of Slam Dunk Diplomacy: Rodman trip and history of U.S.-North Korean basketball diplomacy

25 Years of Slam Dunk Diplomacy: Rodman trip comes after decades of basketball diplomacy between U.S. and North Korea as a central tool in nuclear bomb negotiations by Nate Thayer , March 4, 2013 Published in NK News  NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman’s circus troupe delegation to North Korea was greeted by ridicule by most of […]

North Korean Tourism Dwarfed by Visitors to Elvis,South Korea For Nose Jobs, Thai Sex Change Operations

North Korean Tourism Dwarfed by Visitors Paying Homage to Elvis, Thai Sex Change Tourists, Those Seeking Nose Jobs in South Korea; And 1/15 of UK Citizens Traveling Abroad for Dental Treatment;  In 2012, North Korea welcomed nearly 30,000 visitors, including 4000 westerners, and official state media trumpeted this week that foreign tourism is “booming” days […]

For Pyongyang, Global Digital Revolution for Foreign Eyes Only:You Tube Bans North Korean Video

For Pyongyang, Global Digital Revolution for Foreign Eyes Only: You Tube Bans North Korean Video for Stealing Copyrighted U.S. Video Game Soundtrack: Pyongyang Dips its Toes Awkwardly Into the Global Information Age by Sending Propaganda Out and Forbidding Information In. YouTube has removed another North Korean government video from the state run Uriminzokkiri You Tube […]