Global Trail of Dead Scientists Price of Illicit Pyongyang-Syria Weapons Collaboration

Deadly Spy War Erupts When Israel Views the Two Pariah States Have Crossed a ‘Red Line’ BY NATE THAYER WASHINGTON, D.C. – In July 2007, an explosion rocked the al-Safir chemical weapons and ballistic missile research  facility buried in cavernous underground tunnels dug under a mountain near Allepo in Northwestern Syria. Under the command of […]

Somalia Pirates Hijack North Korean Ship, Then Decide it Isn’t Worth it and Turn Themselves In

Somalia Pirates Hijack Norean Ship, Then Decide it Isn’t Worth it and Turn Themselves In December 20, 2012 By Nate Thayer Somalia pirates hijacked a North Korean ship on Tuesday only to have second thoughts after the hijackers decided it wasn’t worth the hassle or effort and have turned around and now headed back to […]

The Spy Sub, A Poisoned Diplomat in Russia, and a Naked, Drunk American Preacher in Pyongyang

The North Korean Spy Sub, a Poisoned Diplomat in Vladivostok, and the Naked, Drunk American Preacher  in Pyongyang The 1996 secret mission that caused tremors from Washington to Seoul to Vladivostok By Nate Thayer#north Kore On a lonely stretch of coastal highway on September 18, 1996, South Korean cab driver Lee Jin Gyu noticed a […]

Tycoon Says He Financed Hun Sen Coup

Tycoon Says He Financed Hun Sen Coup; $1 Million Underwrote Cambodian Takeover The Washington Post July 24, 1997 By Nate Thayer A powerful Cambodian businessman and suspected drug kingpin says he gave more than $1 million in cash and gold to co-prime minister Hun Sen and his allies to fund a coup that ousted rival […]

Thai Border: A Wild West of Anarchy

Thai Border: A Wild West of Anarchy By Nate Thayer Phnom Penh Post Friday, 20 November 1992 BANGKOK, Thailand-Thai officials, black market traders, and U.N. workers who have operated on the Thai-Cambodian border for years say U.N. efforts to impose economic sanctions against the Khmer Rouge will be virtually impossible to enforce. The U.N. hopes […]