Patriot Games: KKK leader & undercover FBI agent heads South Carolina Confederate flag rally

PATRIOT GAMES KKK LEADER’S ROAD TO DAMASCUS AS FBI INFORMANT July 17, 2015 By Nate Thayer HOW THE FBI PAYS THE KKK TO DEFEND THE CONFEDERATE FLAG AND FIGHT ‘HATE GROUPS’ At a major demonstration this Saturday “to defend the Confederate flag”, Ku Klux Klan protest organizers will hoist a more controversial flag over the […]

Dylan Roof’s missing racist tattoo: now gone white power symbol adds to enigma of church shooter

White Supremacist symbols used by South Carolina church shooter only appeared in the days before the racist mass murder. By Nate Thayer June 30, 2015  South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof clearly took some inspiration from White power racist ideology, but it remains unclear from whom and to what degree that motivated his murderous rampage. […]

Man arrested taking down SC #Confederate Flag on U.S. terrorist watch list for fishing w/o a license

Activist who Removed Confederate Flag in SC is on Terrorist Watch List–for Fishing Without a License By Nate Thayer June 27, 2015 One of the two people arrested this morning for taking down the confederate flag flying in front of the South Carolina capitol building is on the U.S. terrorism watch list–apparently for fishing without […]