Why Journalists Dating Spies can be Challenging…

From the ex-Girlfriend Diaries…. By Nate Thayer June 9, 2017 This renewed brouhaha over government spies leaking classified U.S. documents to reporters reminded me (a journalist) of my ill-fated romance with a spy for the National Security Agency or NSA, otherwise known as No Such Agency, because it’s very existence is a secret even though […]

FBI documents: American spy Hemingway’s excellent adventure in Cuba

FBI Documents: Hemingway ran U.S. funded rogue spy operation in Cuba, greatly annoying J. Edgar Hoover Larger than life novelist charmed his way into WW2 spy operation in Cuba while fishing for Marlin, insulting, marginalizing Hoover’s FBI By Nate Thayer August 31, 2014   Earnest Hemingway was a secret spy for the United States in […]

FBI: Trotsky smuggled to U.S as “valet” of Soviet double agent Rothschild

FBI: Trotsky smuggled to U.S as “valet” of MI6 double agent Baron Rothschild 1930’s FBI intelligence documents show wealthy British MI6 spy smuggled fleeing dissident into the U.S. disguised as his personal valet Documents say Trotsky later assassinated by man with UK passport By Nate Thayer August 30, 2014 Baron Rothschild has been long accused of […]

Happy The Day After Valentine’s Day Is Finally Over: Espionage, Commercialism, and the Betrayal of Love

Happy The Day After, Finally, Valentine’s Day Is Done And Over With: Valentines Day, Espionage, Commercialism, and the Betrayal of Love “Love is whatever we can still betray…”–John Le Carré  By Nate Thayer Happy Valentines Day, everyone. Or, more honestly, Happy The Day After Valentines Day is Done And Over With. Now that Valentines Day–that capitalist marketing trick […]

I’m leaving, on a jet plane–Edward’s excellent spy adventure

I’m leaving, on a jet plane: Edward’s excellent spy adventure A young whistleblower named Ed Was wanted by agents, so fled. Abbetted by hackers He’s off to Caracas For Snowden, red’s better than dead! From the limerick Tweeting Mick Twister By Nate Thayer June 24, 2013 It is a journalists worst nightmare. Tricked by international spies […]