Jailing Journalists, Military Power & Corruption: The Deadly Perfect Storm

Egypt and Thailand: the Lethal Nexus of Military Rule, Corruption, and Press Censorship Egyptian army claims it has discovered AIDS cure using debunked science of novelty toy marketed to find lost golf balls; thousands arrested, killed as Thai military buys same bogus technology to detect explosives, drugs By Nate Thayer July 12, 2014 Egypt’s “men of […]

Thai Border: A Wild West of Anarchy

Thai Border: A Wild West of Anarchy By Nate Thayer Phnom Penh Post Friday, 20 November 1992 BANGKOK, Thailand-Thai officials, black market traders, and U.N. workers who have operated on the Thai-Cambodian border for years say U.N. efforts to impose economic sanctions against the Khmer Rouge will be virtually impossible to enforce. The U.N. hopes […]