FBI documents: American spy Hemingway’s excellent adventure in Cuba

FBI Documents: Hemingway ran U.S. funded rogue spy operation in Cuba, greatly annoying J. Edgar Hoover Larger than life novelist charmed his way into WW2 spy operation in Cuba while fishing for Marlin, insulting, marginalizing Hoover’s FBI By Nate Thayer August 31, 2014   Earnest Hemingway was a secret spy for the United States in […]

Bin Laden’s wet dream: Cheeky Brits celebrate their terror attack on D.C.

Our Cheeky Brit Cousins London celebrates their terrorist attack on D.C.: Inflame still raw memories of former colonial subjects The wet dream of Osama Bin Laden By Nate Thayer August 27, 2014 Oh those wily Poms and their charming, subtle, stiff upper lipped wit. Very, very subtle. Let’s be frank here. It is high time […]

Eyewitnesses to History: Retired Diplomats Reveal U.S. Foreign Policy, Warts and All

Eyewitness to History: Retired U.S. Diplomats Reveal Raucous, Unvarnished Memories of U.S. Foreign Policy as it Happened By Nate Thayer March 19, 2014 The privately funded Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training has a Foreign Affairs Oral History Project has compiled the detailed memories of hundreds of key retired U.S. diplomats, eyewitnesses to modern history unfolding, […]

Corruption: American Style. U.S. foreign policy leadership for sale to those who give the most cash

Corruption: American Style. U.S. foreign policy leadership for sale to those who give the most cash  By Nate Thayer December 4, 2013 Earlier, I posted a link to the excellent blog of my friend, former diplomat turned author, James Bruno, who took exception to wholly vacuous and unqualified political socialites being given an ambassadorship, in […]

Love and Sex in the U.S. Foreign Service -Lust, Bombs, Bureaucrats. Writings by James Bruno

Love & Sex in the U.S. Foreign Service -Lust, Loneliness, Bombs & Bureaucrats & other writings by retired diplomat and best selling author James Bruno By Nate Thayer November 7, 2013 You can access the writings and book of James Bruno at http://jameslbruno.blogspot.com/ This morning, James Bruno, an old friend and now a best-selling author, […]

Iraq Between the American ‘Shock and Awe” Assault and Capture of Baghdad

City of War and Grief By Nate Thayer Reporting on the ambiance  after the launch of the “Shock and Awe’ air campaign and the declaration of war by the U.S. on Iraq and before their capture of Baghdad SLATE.Com March 24, 2003 The following article by an American journalist still in  Baghdad gives a bit […]