Why not to bloviate when you aren’t a war hero: How O’Reilly doesn’t factor

Under Fire: A comparative study of the not-war-hero, me, and my anti-doppelgänger Bill O’Reilly: How to actually get shot at and not be an idiot By Nate Thayer February 20, 2014 O’Reilly interviews a Boston Globe photographer who was at the finish line when the Boston Marathon bombs were detonated (well sort of because he doesn’t let […]

Journalists say they prefer risk of beheading in Syria than reporting Ebola

U.S. Journalist with Ebola Highlights Special Terror Reporters Face Covering Disease Pandemic By Nate Thayer October 6, 2014 An American journalist stricken with the Ebola virus in Liberia has highlighted the unique dangers faced by reporters covering the rapidly growing disease pandemic, many of whom say they feel safer covering the wars in Syria where […]

Kabul Job Opening, U.S. Hiring News Photog, Blames Afghan Corruption on “Negative Media Pics”

U.S. Job Opening for News Photogs, Picture Propagandist: U.S. Blames Afghan Corruption on Photographers for “Negative” and “Misleading” Pics U.S. Agency for International Development Says it “Can’t Compete”, Posts Job Opening to Address Charges of Corruption in Afghanistan  (Updated at 1800 hours EST with responses from the United States Agency for International Development) Nate Thayer February […]

Why You Want To Avoid Getting Blown Up By A Landmine: From ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ By Nate Thayer

What Happens When Your Ride Disintigrates After Being Blown Up by Anti-Tank Landmines By Nate Thayer These photos were taken of the truck I was riding in after it drove over two Chinese anti-tank mines, in northwest Cambodia, in October 1989. I was sitting in the front seat of Russian Zil 2 1/2 ton military […]

A Reporter’s Trek Through Cambodian Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers

A Trek Through Minefields, Pursued By Soldiers From my files: News articles I am digitally archiving here on this blog site. This story was written in 1990 after a many weeks walk deep through the jungle with Cambodian guerrillas. It was the first independent confirmation of guerrilla claims of advances made during the then 11-year […]

Iraq Between the American ‘Shock and Awe” Assault and Capture of Baghdad

City of War and Grief By Nate Thayer Reporting on the ambiance  after the launch of the “Shock and Awe’ air campaign and the declaration of war by the U.S. on Iraq and before their capture of Baghdad SLATE.Com March 24, 2003 The following article by an American journalist still in  Baghdad gives a bit […]