Terrorism 2.0: U.S. Domestic Extremists Wage War from Cyberspace

Fueled by anonymity of the Internet, U.S domestic terrorists wage war from behind computer keyboards.    By Nate Thayer   The Imperial Wizard of the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Charles ‘Chuck’ Murray, wasted no time trying to fan the flames of racial conflict when Ferguson, Missouri erupted in violence in August 2014. […]

The Education of a Lone Wolf terrorist: Was Dylann Roof fueled by racism or a troubled mind?

THE EDUCATION OF A LONE WOLF As published in Marx Rand, an excellent, provocative news and literature website. You can see more excellent writings here http://www.marxrand.com/ JULY 3, 2015 BY NATE THAYER “I WAS NOT RAISED IN A RACIST HOME OR ENVIRONMENT.” SO WROTE DYLANN ROOF, WHO EXECUTED 9 GOD-FEARING PEOPLE ATTENDING A BIBLE STUDY CLASS […]

All-American Terrorism: US racial strife, not Islam, sparked New York hatchet attack

Hatchet attack on New York Cops not Islamic Jihadism; It was a home-grown, all-American terrorist act Long simmering racial polarization; anti-police hatred sparked terror attack in wake of Ferguson By Nate Thayer October 24, 2014 Zale Thompson was an American homegrown terrorist. Zale Thompson was also an  intelligent, well-educated, All American, black man.  A very […]

Bin Laden’s wet dream: Cheeky Brits celebrate their terror attack on D.C.

Our Cheeky Brit Cousins London celebrates their terrorist attack on D.C.: Inflame still raw memories of former colonial subjects The wet dream of Osama Bin Laden By Nate Thayer August 27, 2014 Oh those wily Poms and their charming, subtle, stiff upper lipped wit. Very, very subtle. Let’s be frank here. It is high time […]

It is Time to Take a Deep Breath While Rightfully Condemning Israel Policy in Gaza:

It is Time to Take a Deep Breath While Also Condemning Israel Policy in Gaza: Israel Has Contributed Enormous Good to the Global Community of Nations By Nate Thayer August 8, 2014 Israel’s unacceptable military campaign in Gaza, which by any definition under international law constitutes state sanctioned war crimes, has prompted a very disturbing […]

Jailing Journalists, Military Power & Corruption: The Deadly Perfect Storm

Egypt and Thailand: the Lethal Nexus of Military Rule, Corruption, and Press Censorship Egyptian army claims it has discovered AIDS cure using debunked science of novelty toy marketed to find lost golf balls; thousands arrested, killed as Thai military buys same bogus technology to detect explosives, drugs By Nate Thayer July 12, 2014 Egypt’s “men of […]

One Israeli assassin, a North Korean train explosion, dead Syrian scientists, fake Canadian passports, Dubai and New Zealand arrest warrants, and a poisoned Hamas guerrilla

A mysterious North Korean train explosion, dead Syrian missile scientists, fake Canadian passports, a poisoned Hamas terrorist, and the Israeli assassin: One curious tale in the bloody global spy war behind the Middle East conflict An Israeli agent on a stolen Canadian passport spotted in Pyongyang raises eyebrows after Syrian weapons scientists are killed in a mysterious North Korean train […]

White Power and Apocalyptic Cults: Pro-DPRK homegrown U.S. terrorist groups are Pyongyang chosen favorites

Pro-DPRK Americans Revealed American homegrown terrorist groups are the chosen favorites of Pyongyang by Nate Thayer , May 6, 2013 NK News Investigative Correspondent (This story appeared in NKNews.org. Please check out the excellent NK News Pro news service  launched in May, 2013 providing in depth, quality, comprehensive coverage for those serious about understanding North Korea at […]

Mississippi Elvis Impersonator Terrorist Suspect Claims U.S. Coverup After Finding Body Parts in Refrigerator

Mississippi Elvis Impersonator Terrorist Suspect  Claims U.S. Coverup After Finding Body Parts in Refrigerator By Nate Thayer This Elvis cum terrorist impersonator story is only going to get more fun. If this isn’t in the news stories tomorrow, someone isn’t doing their job. From the Google page https://sites.google.com/site/paulkevincurtis/ of Paul Kevin Curtis, who was arrested […]

Mississippi Elvis Cum Terrorist Impersonator Leaves Trail of Social Media Clues

Mississippi Elvis Cum Terrorist Impersonator Leaves Trail of Social Media Clues By Nate Thayer April 17, 2013 It is too bad I am not a spot news reporter anymore because this Elvis cum terrorist impersonator from Mississippi has left a goldmine of good stuff on his social media footprint. Paul Kevin Curtis, the Mississippi man […]

Boston Massacre: April is the Holy Week for Homegrown U.S. Terrorist Movement

April Long Celebrated as the Holy Week for Domestic American Terrorist Movement Who was responsible for the carnage against innocents and children in Boston? UPDATE April 17, 2013 4:00pm By Nate Thayer I have no idea who orchestrated the terror in Boston that blew the legs off of little children, but I do know among […]