Text messages from the grave: slain KKK Wizard said “my wife did it”

Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard told others that his wife had poisoned him hours before he was found shot in his bed, recovered text messages show

Malissa Ancona confessed to drugging her husband to support her opiate addiction in an October document she signed

Her children say she solicited them in earlier murder plots against her husband

By Nate Thayer

February 20, 2017


A murdered Ku Klux Klan leader is speaking from his grave through dozens of text messages he sent accusing his wife of repeatedly trying to kill him in recent months, including poisoning him in the hours before he was shot to death, recovered electronic messages, interviews, and other documents obtained in an investigation since he was shot to death in his bed show.

KKK Imperial Wizard Frank Ancona and his wife Malissa in happier times before she murdered him

Malissa Ancona, 44, and her son, 24 year-old Paul “PJ” Jinkerson, were arraigned today on charges including first degree murder and abandonment of a corpse in Frank Ancona’s death.

It was not political enemies who murdered the Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK Frank Ancona; evidence suggests it was his wife consumed by her addiction to opiate prescription medication who plotted for months to kill him after her husband became increasingly resolved to get his wife help and extricate both of them from a life spiraling out of control. At the end, she chose her drug addiction and killed her husband, documents and more than two dozen interviews with friends, family, and KKK associates suggest.


Frank Ancona, 51, of Leadwood, Missouri, felt trapped, conflicted, and increasingly desperate in recent months, unable to navigate himself out of a life and marriage brought to its knees by his wife’s addiction and mental illness.

Hours before he was murdered in his bed, Ancona wrote his wife had poisoned his food. “I think Malissa drugged me, she put something in my food. I have never felt this way before,” Ancona told his ex-wife and 14-year-old daughter Wednesday night at 8:11 PM, documents obtained by this reporter show. “I feel very tired and dizzy.”

October 2016 letter signed by Frank Ancona’s wife confessing to drugging her husband in order to feed her opiate addiction


Particularly damning is an October letter signed by Ancona’s wife saying “I drugged my husband’s coffee with blood pressure meds Chlonidine (sic) so…I could steal his painmeds Oxycodone.”

The Missouri-based Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan went missing February 8. His body was recovered in a remote area of Mark Twain National Forest February 10. An autopsy found Ancona had been shot in the head.

Police contend Frank Ancona’s stepson, Paul “PJ” Jinkerson, shot him February 9 and together he and his mother tried to cover up the crime scene, according to court charging affidavits.

But family, friends, and other law enforcement dispute the police narrative the son had a leading role in the murder, saying his own mother is trying to throw him under the bus as she continues to try to extricate herself from the ravaged scorched earth her addictions have wrought on family and friends.

Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan leaflet warning of the ravages that drugs are having over communities

In recent months, Malissa Ancona, 44, would seemingly do anything to get pills, they say.

Recovered text messages sent by the murdered Ancona say his wife has drugged him to steal his bank card, guns, other possessions, and money; pried open his reinforced home safe at least three times to steal his medication; drugged him in order to rifle through his blue jean pockets after he resorted to sleeping with his medication to prevent his wife from stealing them, then cutting his pants pockets open with a knife while he was unconscious; and solicited her own children to help murder her husband. 


Mrs. Ancona admits in separate documents to drugging Frank Ancona in order to pawn his belongings to get money from street drug dealers. Relatives and Ancona’s own text messages say Mrs Ancona broke into at least three of her husband’s home safes to steal his medicine and other valuables in recent months.

“I’m surprised you’re not writing a story about me after what my wife did yesterday,” Ancona wrote this reporter on December 4. “I would be a lot happier if I could leave but if I do she will hit herself and tear up more things…and of course the cops will believe her….so I’m sorta a prisoner,”Ancona said then. “I do have an ace card I think. I recorded her admitting she did that and saying she tried to kill herself and she would burn the house down with all my belongings if I leave.”

“Today’s our anniversary,”Ancona added.

“She threw an Xbox controller at my new 55 inch smart TV because I was leaving to go eat lunch with my kids. She called my 14-year-old daughter a cunt and a bitch last night,” wrote Ancona. “I told her I was done with her.”

Photo that Frank Ancona sent to me on his wedding anniversary in December illustrating his fear of his wife’s drug induced abusive behavior

It was not the first time that Ancona had reached out to tell people his wife was trying to kill him. And it was not the last. In the end, the Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard was murdered for tolerance and patience that most of those around him had long since exhausted.

Malissa Ancona plotted Ancona’s murder after he confronted her with increasing resolve in recent months demanding she address her out of control drug addiction or he would seek a divorce. “I told him many times ‘Frank, you need to leave her. She is going to kill you one day.’ He told me just last month ‘I am trying to get her help because she is sick and she is my wife and I love her,’ ” said a senior Ku Klux Klan lieutenant of Ancona, John Wesley Hardin in a telephone interview Sunday night. 

“Is there anybody in your family who will let your mother live with them,”Frank Ancona asked his step daughter last October. “Nope…no one. She’s burned too many bridges,” was the answer.

In October, Ancona had, once again, had enough. In text messages between Ancona and his 25-year-old step daughter Lauren Jinkerson on  October 1, 2016 at 1:34 PM, Ancona asked  “Is there anybody in your family who will let your mother live with them? I cannot take her being around me another minute–her life, her drug dealing, her stealing–I can’t take anymore of it and she needs a place to go ASAP.”

“Nope…no one,” responded the daughter of the woman now jailed on first degree murder charges.

How about your dad? Would he take her back?” inquired Ancona about his wife’s ex-husband and Lauren’s father.

“Fuckkk no. Never,” responded her daughter.

The following day, Ancona wrote her another message. “OMG…she drugged my coffee with clonidine to knock me out so she could steal my medication,” Ancona told the daughter of his wife Malissa Ancona on October 2.

“OMG…she drugged my coffee with Clonidine to knock me out to steal my medication” Ancona wrote in October. Evidence in his murder last week suggests Clonidine may have been used to render Ancona unconscious again to steal his medication.

Evidence emerged this month that Malissa Ancona used Ancona’s prescription high blood pressure medication, Clonidine, to poison him the night she allegedly murdered him.

Malissa Ancona’s attempts to drug her husband into unconsciousness or kill him were an ongoing concern of Ancona well before he was murdered.


In October, Ancona wrote his step daughter “I knew something was wrong. I got up to drink a cup of coffee like I normally do. She made it. Then she kept saying you need to hurry up and drink your coffee before it gets cold. Then after I only drank a half cup she was like ‘don’t waste it that’s all we got’. The next thing I know I am playing Xbox and almost fell out of my chair. I barely made it to the bed and was out for close to 6 hours.”

After the October drugging of Ancona by his wife, he ordered his wife out of the house, but she begged him to stay, promised to go into rehab, and asked for time to arrange for homes for the more than 40 cats and several dogs she kept at their house. He agreed to a grace period only if she signed a document, which he told others he planned to get notarized at a bank. It read:

“On October 2, 2016 I drugged my husband’s coffee with blood pressure meds Chlonidine (sic). So that is why he was passed out (so) I could steal his painmeds Oxycodone. I stole 30 this month. I have also spent thousands of dollars buying them off the street. I stole two of his guns and pawned them off for drugs.” The handwritten signature on the document was confirmed as authentic by three of Malissa Ancona’s relatives.

That document, a copy of which was obtained by this reporter, was kept in his safe, Ancona had told this reporter and others. The original, likely notarized version, along with other papers kept in his safe, are believed to have been burned  near where his vehicle was recovered in Mark Twain National Forest on February 11, two days after Ancona was murdered, according to law enforcement investigators and others.

She “broke into my car and stole my medicine after promising me for over a year now she was going to get off the stuff and now I find out today that she stole from me again after she sat there and swore up and down even on her kid’s life that she would not do this anymore,” Ancona wrote to his wife’s daughter Lauren Jinkerson in October. “I hate to put her out on the street but if that is what I have to do that is what I have to do because I can’t take this anymore. My nerves can’t take it. I never had high blood pressure problems before, it’s a fight everyday. I have my stuff locked in the trunk of my car, I have to sleep with my keys under my pillow yet she still stole them from me. The house is so nasty it’s not even fit for an animal to live in,” he wrote. “Yesterday I had my medicine locked in the trunk of my car hidden under the spare tire. I slept with my keys wrapped up in a shirt and my pillow case. She actually cut the pillow case open to steal the keys. This time I slept with the medicine in my front pants pocket and didn’t take my clothes off figuring she wouldn’t be able to get into my pants pocket while I was sleeping on my stomach, but she did it by drugging me to the point I wouldn’t wake up while she did it” wrote Ancona, complaining he could “barely move or think straight right now” and was “very weak dizzy blurred vision.”

“Really what she did could be considered attempted murder I think,” Ancona told his wife’s daughter.

“It probably would be attempted murder,”she replied.

“If I try to leave her she told me she will hit herself in the head and threatened to call the cops and try to get me put in jail,” said Ancona. “It’s like I am a prisoner in my own home.”

“But now that she signed that piece of paper at least I have something to show. She is supposed to go to the bank with me to get it notarized after she gets back from her Dr appointment. She supposedly is going to drug rehab right now and getting put on Suboxene,” a medication used by heroin and opiate addicts to manage withdrawal symptoms.

The October messages from Ancona detailing the attempt to poison him were remarkably similar to ones he sent other friends and relatives in the hours before he was shot to death in his own bed in the early morning hours of Thursday February 9.

Documents and interviews suggest that his murder may have been premeditated, although only as carefully planned as one would expect from an opiate addict focused on ensuring her addiction was fed. Interviews with 8 friends and family of the Klan leader and his accused wife say Ancona was being repeatedly targeted for murder by his wife in the days and weeks before his murder.

At the end, it was far from a textbook “Perfect Murder.”

In January, Malissa Ancona “broke into Frank’s safe to steal his drugs. My father told me she drugged him first,” said Frank Ancona Jr, 24, in an interview Monday recalling a conversation he had with his father at the time. That wasn’t the first time she had broken into his safe, according to his son and others in interviews. And it wasn’t the last time. Ancona’s safe was pried open with a crowbar in the hours after his murder February 9, according to police.

But like the other times, Malissa Ancona denied any knowledge, or blamed it on others.


When her husband was murdered earlier this month, she again claimed she was not responsible, but she declined to file a police report on the robbery.

Instead she blamed the robbery on her own son.

“Okay. I will tell you what happened, ” Malissa Ancona said when I asked her who had killed her husband after she changed her story once again in the days after her husband went missing. “My son and his friend did it. My son was high as shit. He had a gun. It was horrible, Nate. It was the worst thing I ever saw. My son had someone with him. They were after Frank’s medicine. I saw this but I didn’t kill Frank. My son threatened me. He said if I told anyone, I would be joining Frank. He said he would make sure I went down with him. I am scared he is going to kill me. ‘We needed the pain pills,’ he said to me. In the safe there were guns, Frank’s wallet, his medicine, and papers. ‘Mom, don’t go back there’, my son said. I went back and I looked and it was bad, it was awful, all I could see was blood everywhere. Paul had a handgun in his hand. The other guy was holding a rifle which was Frank’s he kept in the bedroom leaning against the wall. They took everything out of the room, the pillows, the bedspreads and wrapped Frank in it and took him out the back door. There was blood from the bedroom floor, to the kitchen floor, to the kitchen back door,” Frank Ancona’s wife told me. “After they killed Frank was when the safe was broken into. Frank was in the bedroom. He was not alive. My son shot him, both my son and the other guy.”


Malissa Ancona was lying, as she admitted in subsequent interviews the following days.






In August 2016, Frank Ancona said he came home and found his safe broken into and all his medications gone. “Malissa broke into my safe and stole all my pills. She claimed she didn’t know who did it and she wasn’t home, but she was lying. She did it,” Ancona said in a text conversation at that time with this reporter.

“The safe broken into the night he was murdered was the third safe he has bought recently,” said Frank Ancona Jr.

Also in January, on the“25th or 26th, Malissa’s son came over to Frank’s house. Frank was drugged and passed out on the couch. Malissa asked him to help ‘get rid of Frank’,” Frank Ancona Jr said in an interview. “Malissa’s ex husband and (their son) PJ both told me that Friday morning” February 10, the day after Ancona went missing but before his body had been recovered or Paul ‘PJ’ Jinkerson was arrested. “Paul (Malissa’s ex-husband) said ‘I want Pj to tell you himself’ and he handed PJ the phone and PJ confirmed Malissa had asked him for help to kill Frank. PJ refused.”

“My mom didn’t ask Paul to kill him. She asked for his help to cover up Franks death after SHE killed him, and he said no several times,” said Lauren Jinkerson, the sister of Jinkerson, referring to what she said was her mother soliciting her brother to help in her several aborted plots “over the course of several weeks in January” to murder her stepfather.

“Paul told me your mom wanted help and that she’d do the killing. AND PAUL TOLD ME HE TOLD HER NO ABSOLUTELY NOT,” Paul Jinkerson Sr, Malissa Ancona’s former husband, wrote to his daughter about her brother.

While Jinkerson , along with his mother, are under arrest charged in Ancona’s murder, numerous KKK and family sources are convinced that the son was manipulated into any participation with Ancona’s death. “My ex-wife is a sociopath and pathological liar,” said Paul Jinkerson. “If she had Cheerios for breakfast she would say it was Fruit Loops.”


On Monday, February 6 Malissa Ancona wrote a message on Facebook inquiring “Does anyone tale Clonipine for stress or seizures…I take it for both…am I the only one it drags down and makes weak and tired?” Clonipine was the drug Ancona admitted using to knock her husband unconscious the previous October in order to steal his opiate pain medicine. Evidence from recent days suggest it may have been the drug she used to render her husband unconscious to murder him February 9.

 “I saw my dad on Tuesday (February 7) and his eyes were all swollen. I asked him what happened and he said ‘Malissa jumped me while I was asleep and clawed my eyes,” said Ancona’s 24-year-old son Frank Ancona Jr. in an interview Monday. He added “My dad had told me she had pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him before.” 

On the morning of Wednesday February 8 Malissa Ancona accompanied her husband to his doctor appointment where he refilled his monthly prescriptions.

Frank Ancona had been prescribed three medications for many months: Clonipine to address high blood pressure; Clonazapene for stress and anxiety; and Oxycodone for chronic back pain. All three medications are well-known to be coveted by opiate addicts to tamp down withdrawal or address anxiety related problems related to addiction. There has never been any indication Ancona abused or had addiction issues himself, according to friends and family.

At around 3:30 the afternoon his prescription was filled, Ancona ate a meal cooked by his wife, which was his normal routine before he would leave at around 5:00 pm to start his 10 hour shift delivering auto parts on a several hundred mile route that took him across Missouri each night.

In text messages and telephone calls a few hours later, Ancona said he believed his wife had poisoned his food before he went to work. “I think Malissa drugged me, she put something in my food. I have never felt this way before,” Ancona told his ex-wife and 14-year-old daughter Wednesday night at 8:11 PM. “I feel very tired and dizzy.”

“He told us he thought Malissa drugged his food when she made him a meal at around 3:30 in the afternoon before he went to work Wednesday. This was not the first time he said she had drugged him,” said Ancona’s ex wife and the mother of their children, Kellie Ancona, in an interview Monday.

“She made pasta shells. Hers had a different sauce in it, but mine had a really horribly salty taste to it. I only ate about 3 of them and right after that I passed out on the couch and then she was waking me up to go to work,” Ancona told another relative that evening in text messages obtained by this reporter. “I am thinking it was her Klonipine she dissolved into my food probably because that stuff knocks me out. I have to seriously wonder if she isn’t trying to kill me, drug me up so that I will have an accident and she can collect my social security,” he wrote.

Ancona told three people in separate phone and text conversations that night he believed his wife had drugged him, according to text messages from Ancona obtained by this reporter. “I found a parking lot nearby and as soon as I put the car in park I was out like a light,” he messaged relatives. At 1:08 in the morning Thursday, Ancona talked with his 14-year-old daughter and told her “I took a nap and bought an energy drink” and said “I feel better.”

Earlier Wednesday night–before her husband was murdered– Ancona posted on the St Francois County Buy Sell and Trade Unlimited online message board that she was “Looking for a roommate in Leadwood…I have three dogs and a cat rescue so u must love animals. All bills and rent split…Message me for details.”

In the pre-dawn hours of Thursday February 9 Ancona was shot in the head by his own shotgun and 9 millimeter pistol while he was lying unconscious in his bed, say law enforcement investigators.

Malissa Ancona at first denied any knowledge or involvement in her husband’s murder, but her story quickly unraveled , exposed as a tangled, impossible web of lies.

Malissa Ancona repeatedly lied to investigators and others, including this reporter, during the four days between her husband going missing and her arrest. At first she denied any knowledge of what happened to her husband, insisting that he had left the house around 8:30am Thursday February 9, after they had an argument and said he was going to petition for a divorce. “He packed a bag with some clothes and said the next time you see me will be in court,” she told me.

“Frank and I were fighting after he got home, ” she told me. “I threw away one of my medications when Frank and me were fighting,” she added abruptly and without appropriate context to the conversation.

Which medicine was that, Malissa?” I asked her.

“The Clonidine,” she answered.

On Saturday night, February 11, Malissa Ancona returned to her home after being taken in for questioning by local law enforcement. They had confiscated her phone to “look at my text messages,” she told me, and she was worried.

“Can the cops find messages I deleted on my cell phone?” she asked.

“Malissa, of course they can, and they will. Everything that happened will be known, and known soon. For God’s sake, whatever you do, don’t try to destroy or hide evidence, because that is a crime and they will charge you for it. What text messages that you deleted are you worried the cops will find?” I asked.

“I would be worried that they might find messages I deleted to my son,” she answered.




“I called Malissa on Friday morning when I heard Frank was missing to ask her if she had any idea what happened to my uncle,” another of Ancona’s relatives said in an interview Monday. Malissa Ancona told her The last time I saw him was yesterday morning. He packed his bags and took his pills and left.”


“She made it a point to tell me Frank had high blood pressure. She said ‘We went to the doctor Wednesday. His blood pressure was so high the doctors thought he might have a stroke’ and the doctor prescribed him new medicine. She was suggesting he might have had a stroke. At the time his car had not been found and neither had uncle Frank’s body. It was a very strange response,” Ancona’s relative continued. “She claimed he left at 8:00 am after an argument” and “I asked if she had filed a missing persons report and her response didn’t sit well with me. ‘I am at the pharmacy right now. I’ll do it when I have time.’ Who says that when their husband is missing?”

The woman was alarmed enough to file a report with the Leadville police department about the conversation.





On December 14, Ancona responded to a late night request from this reporter for documents related to a story on the Ku Klux Klan. “If I don’t walk in the door and collapse I will try to email it as soon as I get home, if not it will probably be around 11 or so in the morning,” he responded.  The next morning he wrote “Last night for some reason I was so tired I barely made it home I caught myself wandering across the road a couple of times.”

“Are you sure your wife isn’t slipping you a mickey?” I asked him.

“You never know with her. I take clonidine which is mainly for blood pressure but it’s also a sedative.”

“You will be arrested. I hope you know this,” wrote Malissa Ancona’s daughter Lauren Jinkerson, to her mother three days after Frank Ancona went missing but before her mother was charged with his murder. “Paul called me crying the other day saying he would never kill Frank, and I believe him. I think it was you who pulled the trigger….You have lied to your children too much at this point. We will never forgive you.”














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