The Evolution of a Violent White Supremacist

The California Grand Dragon of the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is facing a long stretch in prison after his 4th stabbing arrest

By Nate Thayer

April 19, 2017

William Ernest Hagen, 56, of Orange, California, the state Grand Dragon for the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, has had a dysfunctional relationship with sharp metal instruments for decades.

Hagen has been criminally charged with stabbing people at least 4 times and has been stabbed himself at least twice.

On April 7, Hagen was convicted by a California jury on three felony charges related to attacking a homeless Mexican-American man with a box cutter. During the incident, he threatened to organize his KKK to kill the man. In another incident, Hagen stabbed another Mexican-American he accused of trying to steal his truck when they wandered by it while Hagen and his girlfriend were eating dinner at a California Denny’s restaurant.

He was charged in 2015 with “Assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm; “criminal threats”; and “personally using a deadly weapon; additional term of one year.”

Hagen was out on $500,000 bail awaiting trial on those charges when he was arrested in North Carolina on December 3, 2016 on charges of “one count Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill Inflicting Serious Injury” for stabbing another man in the pre-dawn hours prior to a Ku Klux Klan organized “Trump Victory Rally”. During that incident, Hagen stabbed a fellow Klansman Richard Dillon, 48, of Hammond, Indiana.

KKK Grand Dragon William Ernest Hagen sporting the cast he received from being attacked by residents of Anaheim, California when he tried to hold a Ku Klux Klan rally in a neighborhood largely populated by immigrants.

Dillon managed to escape the house and he and a friend drove the 27 miles to Danville, Virginia Regional Medical Center. “Blood was just gushing out, pouring out of my chest. I couldn’t stop the bleeding. I held a towel pressed against my chest and it just soaked in blood. My truck floor is caked in blood,” Dillon said in an interview two days after he was assaulted.

Documents from the Danville Regional Medical Center say Dillon was treated for”multiple stab wounds to the interior chest.”

Emergency room personnel called the cops. “At first, I wouldn’t tell them anything. I told them ‘I fell on a couple of knives’,” Dillon said.

The Danville police responded “You are bleeding out and probably going to die and you have nothing to say about who did this to you?”

After having dozens of staples sewn together to close his chest wounds and “12 staples in my thumb” and leaving the Danville Medical Center “I thought to myself ‘Barker and Hagen tried to kill me. I am supposed to be dead. Fuck the ‘I fell on a couple of knives story’. I want them in jail and I am going to tell the sheriff what happened.”

Richard Dillon, 48, of Hammond, Indiana. Dillon, a former member of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK was stabbed “3 times in the upper chest penetrating his rib cage” December 3, 2016 allegedly by two leaders of the Klan group Christopher Barker and William Hagen, who were both arrested on attempted murder related charges

Dillon said the knife William Hagen attacked him with was “a 5 or 6 inch unfoldable knife with a black titanium blade. You know, the kind you keep strapped to your boot legs.”

Hagen, still out on the half million dollar California bond, was arrested later that same day and held in Caswell County, North Carolina jail on an additional $350,000.00 secured bond. He posted that bail two weeks later and was released from North Carolina custody.

Neither North Carolina law enforcement authorities nor the California authorities were aware Hagen faced the same charges in the other state until they were informed by a reporter last month. Neither appeared to care much once they were informed.

Between the April 2015 California and December 2016 North Carolina stabbing arrests, Hagen stabbed another man with the pointed end of a flagpole flying an American flag during a Ku Klux Klan rally he organized in Anaheim, California in February 2016. He himself was seriously injured during that melee. Hagen was not arrested as law enforcement determined Hagen was acting in self-defence.

Hagen gained national attention in Anaheim, California at that time when his Klan was attacked by counter protestors and Hagen was badly beaten. “I have a fractured wrist in a cast, three broken ribs, a bruised spleen, and a hematoma the size of a tomato over my right heart,” he complained to this reporter when interviewed shortly after the melee.

Hagen, who uses the alias Billy Quigg in the KKK, had been arrested twice prior to the above litany of stabbing incidents for stabbing other people in California.

California Loyal White Knights of the KKK state leader William Quigg aka Billy Hagen wielding an American flag during confrontation with counter protestors today in California (Photo Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times via the AP))

He was arrested and sent to prison in the 1990’s for stabbing another man, and arrested again in California in 2002 for another stabbing. The latter stabbing charges were eventually dropped.

Hagen himself was badly stabbed while an inmate in California’s maximum security Pelican Bay state prison in the early 1990’s.

It was in Pelican Bay that Hagen, according to interviews, became affiliated with white supremacist politics. William Hagen, by all accounts from interviews with childhood friends and fellow members of the Ku Klux Klan, had no involvement with racial politics until he was imprisoned in the California maximum security Pelican Bay prison in the late 1980’s. Pelican Bay is one of the most race segregated and violent prisons in America.

Hagen was serving time for stabbing someone else at the time.


Prior to first going to prison, Hagen worked in the California punk rock music scene as a security enforcer at concerts “where he saved guys balls at punk rock shows. He came out of prison a white supremacist,” said a former associate of Hagen’s in the Ku Klux Klan.
Several of Hagen’s childhood friends say that the violent white racist they now hear of does not jibe with their own recollections of Mr. Hagen. ” I went to high school with him, and he has sporadically kept in touch with me throughout the years… I’m having a very hard time reconciling some of what’s being said about him to the guy who cares for his now passed away Mother’s blind dog as if it were an infant (he buys her sweaters and literally carries her outside when she needs to go potty),” wrote one school friend to this reporter recently.

But others say Hagen came out of the California prison system a changed man, a hard-core racist, and a violent man.

“Hagen gets really involved in confrontation. I remember when he went to a Kinko’s to get some Klan leaflets printed. The woman at Kinko’s said ‘I’m not going to print that!’ Hagen wouldn’t let it go. He went back to the Kinko’s and threatened her,” said one former Klan member who worked closely with Hagen in California. “He asked me and (another California Klan member) to show up in court with him in Orange County dressed in uniform. He hadn’t even gone to trial yet and he thought having a couple of guys dressed up in Klan outfits to accompany him to court was going to do him any good in front of the judge? WTF?”

“See? You’ve got a bad image left over from the old KKK who dragged niggers around the parking lot from the back of a truck with a rope around their neck. The new Klan, we’re a non-violent pro-white civil rights movement. The only one in America,” Hagen told an interviewer in July 2015. Hagen at the time was out on a half million dollar bond for stabbing a Mexican-American man. Hagen said then he does not like “the Jews, the Blacks, the Mexicans, the Orientals, the Catholics. This is a Christian nation. Everybody who is not white and Christian, I do not like.”


Hagen has a 4 inch long by 4 inch deep prison inked tattoo with the letters “NLR” on his stomach, signifying his membership in the white supremacist “Nazi Low Riders” prison gang. Part of the “R” on that tattoo is incomplete–interrupted by the California maximum security prison authorities, according to sources in the KKK close to Hagen, at Pelican Bay where prison-inked tattoos are against the rules.

Underneath that Nazi Low Riders tattoo is an ugly jagged scar that runs across Hagen’s midsection from being stabbed by a member of a Mexican prison gang in an altercation while an inmate at Pelican Bay.

“Hagen has NLR tattooed on his stomach right over a huge gash from where he was stabbed by a Mexican in Pelican Bay. That is when he earned his bones for the NLR–when you do something violent to gain membership. Hagen talking about Pelican Bay and all the stabbings was a real turning point for me. He was very nonchalant, very prison-esqe. It was a big eye opener for me. I thought ‘what kind of people am I getting involved with here?’.”

In 1999, the California Department of Corrections cracked down on the NLR after identifying at least 2,000 NLR members as gang members in the California prison system. The California Department of Justice estimated that there were 1,500 NLR members in California and more than 2,500 members nationwide, primarily in Arizona, Florida, Montana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Utah. There were 250 NLR members identified in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Cal-Gang computer system by 2000 alone.

The Nazi Lowriders (or NLR, or “The Ride”) are primarily based in Southern California prisons, but are active in prisons nationally, and are allied with the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia, and Public Enemy No. 1–all racially based criminal gangs. Their main rivals are the black gangs the Bloods, the Crips, the Black Guerrilla Family, and Latino gangs MS-13, Nortenos, and Nuestra Familia–all also prison based racist gangs.

Pelican Bay is where California’s most ruthless race based prison gangs  leaders reside, running inmates without compromise and leniency. There is little choice but to be affiliated with a prison gang based on one’s race in California’s prison system.

No one can be stabbed or beaten without permission and if one is ordered targeted for prison violence there is no choice but that punishment be carried out.

Prison guards allow the gangs to terrorize inmates, conduct illegal business, and essentially run the prisons in order to avoid all out race wars.

Over 40 gang investigators work in California’s 30 or more prisons to monitor thousands of gang members’, “but it’s not enough,” writes a prison focused news site “We could use that number alone at Pelican Bay,” Brian Parry, Chief of the State Department of Corrections law enforcement unit is quoted on the news site as saying. “Unfortunately even in lock down they can still conduct business and get messages out.”

“And without the gangs being monitored properly California’s prisons have become the most racially segregated as well as most racist places in America today. Race permeates every aspect of prison life. Confrontations between violent racial gangs that fight each other and terrorize and extort weaker prisoners and commonplace. Just stepping into the area occupied by a different ethnic group can be deadly. And as the older more established prison gangs have been targeted by prison authorities new ones such as the Nazi Low Riders have formed and stepped up. Adhering to the ideologies, attitudes and order sent down by their respected elders from Pelican Bay they are like mini-me’s,” writes

The Nazi Low Riders aka The Ride emerged in the late 70′s and early 80′s and took over California’s main prison yards when the Aryan Brotherhood were rounded up, branded as security threats and placed in segregation.

The last time William Hagen was released from prison he refused to cooperate with California authorities and provide information on the NLR. In real life, what that means is if you ever go back into the California prison system you are automatically placed into segregation as an identified prison gang member.

As of April 2017, Hagen is confined in the “shoe” in Orange County California Men’s Central Prison awaiting sentencing because of his white supremacist affiliations. If he is let back into general population he will immediately be identified by his fellow inmates as having snitched on his gang members.

That means William Hagen’s near future, in 2017, is not destined to be a bowl of peaches and cream.


Loyal White Knights of the KKK ‘West Coast Grand Dragon and chief recruiter” William Hagen under arrest in North Carolina December 3 on charges of stabbing a fellow Klan member after a “Trump Victory Parade” held in North Carolina. Hagen looks worse for wear in this mug shot taken when he was booked into custody in Caswell County, North Carolina



In a February 2016 article by this reporter, William Ernest Hagen, who uses the alias Will Quigg, objected to a reporter writing that his name was what it is, William Hagen.

“My name is Will Quigg. I don’t know where you came up with my name being William ‘Billy’ Hagen. That’s news to me,” said William ‘Billy Hagen’ who claimed he was not William ‘Billy’ Hagen in a conversation from his home in Anaheim, California. Will Quigg aka Billy Hagen was returning a reporters telephone call.

An earlier call from the same telephone number had the same man saying “This is Bill Hagen, the west coast Grand Dragon and King Kleagle of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK.”

When told that he himself had identified himself as Billy Hagen in previous conversations, had been identified by several other members of his Klan organization as Billy Hagen, had registered under that name on a cross-country airplane flight from Los Angeles to Greensboro, North Carolina to attend a high-profile Klan demonstration in support of the confederate flag and the white youth who killed nine black church parishioners in South Carolina, and was arrested under the name Billy Hagen earlier that month in California, Hagen wanted to change the subject.

Hagen nee’ Will Quigg then offered that Hagen was “my roommate’s name. I use his name when I do things in public.”

“To set the record straight we went to South Carolina to support the Confederate flag, not the stupid little kid Dylan Roof. We might have made some comments before we had all the information regarding Dylan Roof but we did not support him,” he said.

That assertion stands in contrast to his Klan outfit releasing an audio recording from their national head “Imperial Wizard” Chris Barker–and Hagen’s co-defendant in the North Carolina stabbing– which stated: “The KKK would like to say hail victory to the young warrior Dylan S. Roof, who did what the bible told him to do, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. They have spilled our blood for too long. It is about time someone spilled theirs.”

“IW Chris (Barker) only tried to break up the fight and Grand Dragon Will (Hagen) was only trying to defend himself, but the local Jew cops refused to take anyone’s statements because the police had only one goal–that was to create problems with the Klan. You’d think that people would get their facts straight before taking the Jew media as gospel!!! Better these disloyal traitors show their true colors now. White Power from B.C. Canada–KLASP” read a December 19 message from the LWK KKK “Kleagle”–or regional recruiter– in British Columbia, Canada. “KLASP” is a Ku Klux Klan acronym for “Klan Loyalty–a Sacred Principle.”

William Hagen of Orange, California and Christopher Eugene Barker of East Yanceyville, North Carolina allegedly attacked former fellow Klansman Richard Dillon during a gathering of five Klan members at Barker’s residence on U.S. Highway 158 in East Yanceyville early on the morning of December 3, 2016. “Barker and Hagen and one other guy wanted me dead. Their intent was to kill me,” said Richard Dillon in an interview as he recovered from “multiple stab wounds to the interior upper chest” and elsewhere on his body. “I had a confrontation with Hagen months ago criticizing him for the California rally where they got beat up by counter protestors.”

In the hours after Hagen’s latest stabbing charges in December in North Carolina, he placed calls to fellow Klan members who had immediately resigned in disgust from the Klan organization. The pair was calling on the morning of December 3, 2016 hours after they allegedly tried to kill Richard Dillon. “I don’t know who is telling you what and who is getting in your ear, but you guys need to come back to the (KKK) because this whole thing with Richard just blew up like a bomb,” Hagen said in a call to one Grand Dragon–or state leader–of the Loyal White Knights who had resigned in disgust immediately after the stabbing. “You know with my fractured wrists and bruised ribs—I mean my face I have two black eyes a slice in my forehead and a broken nose.” Hagen thinks he has hung up the phone and turns to Christopher Barker in the background at the Days Inn motel room in Yanceyville, North Carolina where they had fled from the scene of the stabbing at Barker’s house to regroup, both still drunk. Hagen says to Barker “Damn! This is bad!”

“One of the main rules in the Klan is to respect Klan authority, and ALWAYS back your Imperial Wizard. As far as Grand Dragon Will is concerned: NOT only is he not somebody to mess with, but he is a really nice guy and he did try to reason with Richard peacefully,” wrote a Loyal White Knights member last month in defense of Hagen.

Richard Dillon, his stabbing victim in North Carolina, said in an interview last week: “You are damn right I want him to face trial in North Carolina. He tried to kill me. I am supposed to be dead. I want to see him shackled hands and feet walking into a North Carolina court room facing the same charges he was convicted of in California.”


  1. Not Trump says

    I don’t understand how you know that Hagen will be identified as a snitch. You said a few sentences before that he refused to cooperate with authorities.

    • says

      I apologize if that reference was confusing. I didn’t write he would be identified as a snitch unless he is released from segregation into general population without explanation. Since he is an identified gang member he will be kept in segregation unless he cooperates or rescinds gang membership. If he does that, he would be identified as a snitch.

  2. Not Trump says

    Oh, ok. I know William since before his KKK Days. He is the furthest thing from a snitch.

    Also, the picture you have above of William in a cast is from many years ago, possibly more than a decade ago. It was not taken any where near the incident of the Anaheim KKK Rally.

    • says

      Hi Not Trump:

      I never said William (Billy) Hagen was a snitch. I wrote the reason he is in segregation in a California prison is he is not. That is what happens in California when you are a loyal, avowed member of a racial prison gang. It is also true that if you are not a member of a racial prison gang in the California state prison system your life expectancy is shortened.

      Regarding the photograph, you are incorrect. That picture was taken at Stone Mountain, Georgia (the birthplace of the KKK) in 2016, not many years ago. I did not write it was was a photograph from Anaheim, California. However, the cast depicted in the photograph indeed is from the injuries he suffered when the Klan demonstration he organized in Anaheim went south and he nearly got stomped to death

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