U.S. fusses over president’s feet as world panics we have lost our mind

Partisan America’s fetish with the feet of our presidents By Nate Thayer   March 1, 2017    Partisan Washington’s fetish with presidential feet dominated news headlines yesterday, trumping the global consensus the leaders of the Free World have lost their minds.   Trump presidential advisor KellyAnne Conway was spanked throughout official Washington for kneeling and putting her feet […]

On wealthy political campaign donors appointed U.S. Ambassadors

Filed Under Political Double Standards: Trump gets a bad rap on this issue By Nate Thayer January 26, 2017 Donald Trump ordered all U.S. Ambassadors who were political appointments under former President Barack Obama, such as US Ambassador to Singapore, Kirk Wagar, to leave by midday on 20 January when Trump was sworn in as […]

Documents Contradict Trump, Show Campaign Officials Agreed to Limit Ohio Rally Size

Oh, and that Colorado fire marshal Trump accused of being a Democrat? He’s a Republican. By Nate Thayer August 02, 2016 Politico Magazine Here is the text of my piece in Politico magazine published this evening. The story is partly based on documents obtained that show that Donald Trump and his senior campaign officials were […]

Angry Yelling as Political Debate in the Age of Trump

  Political Discussion in the Polarized Age of Trump   By Nate Thayer March 20, 2016 Recently, I posted a short primer on white supremacist tattoos and their meaning after a Donald Trump for president worker was interviewed by U.S. TV network PBS who failed to note the racist and neo-Nazi symbols prominently inked on […]

The Far Right’s Excellent Vacation to Oregon Bird Refuge

The Far Right Wing Excellent Vacation Adventure at the Oregon Bird Refuge OJ Simpson meets the Three Stooges in a Three Ring Circus that Narrowly avoided a Waco, Texas came to end today. And what an entertainment show it was. By Nate Thayer February 11, 2016 The occupation of a Oregon bird sanctuary, which began January 2nd, by […]

China Manufacturers Whistling Dixie Over Surge in Confederate Flag Sales

Skyrocketing sales of symbol of white Southern U.S. pride, racism proves boon for China as U.S. retailers, manufacturers boycott Confederate flag in wake of racist South Carolina church massacre   By Nate Thayer June 24, 2015 Sales of the Confederate flag have skyrocketed in recent days in the wake of racially charged fallout from the […]

Draft dodger Donald #Trump seeks job of U.S. military commander-in-chief

Draft Dodger Donald Trump has “secret plan” to destroy ISIS but doesn’t “want the enemy to know what I’m doing.”    By Nate Thayer June 17, 2015 While Donald Trump confidently trumpeted his “secret plan” to destroy ISIS, one of the “greatest threats to the security of this nation” yesterday, he is more than vague […]

Poll: #Trump less popular than colonoscopies, traffic jams, cockroaches

Trump inherited 27K NYC properties, is thrice divorced, has 2 dozen failed businesses, and declared bankruptcy 5 times, vows to run U.S. like his own life  While welcomed by republican party to presidential race, opinion polls find him  less popular than colonoscopies, traffic jams, and cockroaches By Nate Thayer June 16, 2015 The American political silly season […]

Donald Trump: racist failed businessman; buffoon; republican presidential candidate

Donald Trump announces he will run the U.S. like he has run his own life: Thrice divorced Trump has gone bankrupt 5 times   By Nate Thayer June 16, 2015 We have entered the American political silly season, which promises to be equally as entertaining as embarrassing. What is entertaining is Donald Trump announcing today he […]

FBI: Trotsky smuggled to U.S as “valet” of Soviet double agent Rothschild

FBI: Trotsky smuggled to U.S as “valet” of MI6 double agent Baron Rothschild 1930’s FBI intelligence documents show wealthy British MI6 spy smuggled fleeing dissident into the U.S. disguised as his personal valet Documents say Trotsky later assassinated by man with UK passport By Nate Thayer August 30, 2014 Baron Rothschild has been long accused of […]

Darren Wilson & Michael Brown: Icons of a nation not on listening terms

Two ships passing in the night: Ferguson’s Darren Wilson & Michael Brown: A nation not engaged in conversation; not on listening or speaking terms  By Nate Thayer August 22, 2014 A week ago, late Saturday night on August 16th, I finished a story that was the product of several days of research. I had been […]

Ferguson News coverage: What if Kennedy had been shot in the Twitter age?

News coverage in the age of social media: Ferguson and the Kennedy Assassination. What if Kennedy had been shot in the age of Twitter and smart phones? By Nate Thayer August 21, 2014 At 12:29 pm Central Standard Time on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy’s presidential limousine entered Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. […]