Conversation with a Formerly Secret Ku Klux Klansman

The sausage making process of journalism and interviewing people who don’t want to talk to you…. By Nate Thayer February 9, 2018   I will be publishing a story on a Ku Klux Klan nationwide campaign distributing racist and anti-Semitic hate literature. In recent weeks, thousands of leaflets have been thrown onto front lawns of […]

Lamont Confronts Nazi Protestors: Meets Power with Smooches

Anti dog, white human supremacists flee in confusion If only Lamont had been in Charlottesville……. (From the archives of the Lamont Diaries) By Nate Thayer September 22, 2012 The internationally renowned Cross Species Rights Activist and International Peacemaker, my pal, Lamont, was credited by Law Enforcement officials with single-pawedly diffusing a dangerous racial and religious […]

Anti-federal government ‘birther’ & N.H. Trump for President co-chair arrested

Anti-Gay, anti-Muslim, anti-federal govt, ‘birther’, & N.H. Trump for President co-chair arrested  Candidate for Sheriff had “desire and willingness” to shoot police and “used guns and threats of violence to intimidate and interfere with federal law enforcement officers,” Feds say By Nate Thayer March 3, 2016 The New Hampshire co-chair for Veterans for Trump, an extremist […]

The Far Right’s Excellent Vacation to Oregon Bird Refuge

The Far Right Wing Excellent Vacation Adventure at the Oregon Bird Refuge OJ Simpson meets the Three Stooges in a Three Ring Circus that Narrowly avoided a Waco, Texas came to end today. And what an entertainment show it was. By Nate Thayer February 11, 2016 The occupation of a Oregon bird sanctuary, which began January 2nd, by […]

Heavily Armed Oregon Patriots Lied about Actual Military Combat Service

Camouflaged, Gun-Toting Oregon “Militia” Exposed as Faking their True U.S. Military Service By Nate Thayer January 9, 2016 The heavily armed protestors strutting around dressed in military camouflage in Oregon have one thing in common: many have lied about their service in the U.S. military, falsified combat duty service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and lied […]

Rise of ‘Lone Wolf’ U.S. Cyber Terrorism: Dylann #Roof fueled by Anonymity of Internet

  By Nate Thayer June 23, 2015 “I was not raised in a racist home or environment,” wrote Dylann Roof,who executed 9 God-fearing people attending a bible study class in an iconic Black church last Wednesday in Charleston, South Carolina. In fact, there is no evidence that Roof has ever actually met any member of […]

The Looming, Insipid Firefight in the American Culture War: Beer Guts, Sports Fans & the Rich, White D.C. Elite

  By Nate Thayer June 18, 2014 Uh Oh. The Culture Wars have just escalated to a dangerous new level. The U.S. Patent Trademark Office has cancelled the rights for the American football team “The Washington Redskins” to own its own name, its logos, images, or its merchandise after today’s ruling the name “Redskins” itself […]

Comrades in Mass Murder: Untold History of Jim Jones’s Suicide Cult & North Korea

Comrades in Mass Murder: The Secret Alliance Between Suicide Religious Cult Leader Jim Jones and North Korea  By Nate Thayer June 17, 2014 During the final months prior to the November 1978 mass murder of 903 people in the jungles at the People’s Temple at Jonestown, Guyana, the Utopian socialist experiment run by political/religious cult leader Jim Jones, Jones conducted  […]

Mississippi Elvis Cum Terrorist Impersonator Leaves Trail of Social Media Clues

Mississippi Elvis Cum Terrorist Impersonator Leaves Trail of Social Media Clues By Nate Thayer April 17, 2013 It is too bad I am not a spot news reporter anymore because this Elvis cum terrorist impersonator from Mississippi has left a goldmine of good stuff on his social media footprint. Paul Kevin Curtis, the Mississippi man […]

Boston Massacre: April is the Holy Week for Homegrown U.S. Terrorist Movement

April Long Celebrated as the Holy Week for Domestic American Terrorist Movement Who was responsible for the carnage against innocents and children in Boston? UPDATE April 17, 2013 4:00pm By Nate Thayer I have no idea who orchestrated the terror in Boston that blew the legs off of little children, but I do know among […]