Text messages from the grave: slain KKK Wizard said “my wife did it”

Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard told others that his wife had poisoned him hours before he was found shot in his bed, recovered text messages show Malissa Ancona confessed to drugging her husband to support her opiate addiction in an October document she signed Her children say she solicited them in earlier murder plots against […]

Travels With LBJ: “Son, if you do it again, I will poison your soup”

Random Memories of my Father Travels With LBJ: “Son, if you do this again, I am going to poison your soup.” By Nate Thayer January 24, 2017 My father, Harry Thayer, died this past Saturday January 21, after a full, well-lived, and important life. In the few days and long hours since he left on […]

Media Falls for Bogus KKK “Pro-Trump Victory Parade” Story

  By Nate Thayer November 11, 2016 Scores of international media organizations reported today on a scheduled Ku Klux Klan “Trump Victory Rally” to be held in North Carolina in coming days.   “One of the largest Ku Klux Klan groups in the country has announced a parade to celebrate President-elect Donald Trump’s win,” wrote […]

No one voted for Trump: It was a suicide bomber targeting the corrupt elite

By Nate Thayer November 10, 2016   Malignant Narcissists have a personality disorder which causes easily defined behaviors. They do not have normal human feelings. They have no empathy. They are grandiose and power-hungry and control freaks. They are pathologically self-absorbed to the detriment of others. Often, they are sadists who take pleasure in other […]

On Immigrants & Journalism:”Remember you went to jungle and told the world that we exist”

On Freedom, Refugees, Immigrants, and a Free Press “Remember you went to jungle and told the world that we exist” August 17, 2016 By Nate Thayer Sometimes in life, we are all faced with challenges to do the right thing. Often, when we are under legitimate pressure from reasonable arguments, we just say “fuck it”, […]

General Tso’s Chicken, Food Fascism & 1st World Problems: Cultural Appropriation

Clueless U.S. College Students Protest “Cultural Appropriation of Food Recipes” By Nate Thayer December 22, 2015 American colleges are apparently on the brink of revolution at one of the most expensive (and snootiest colleges) in the country. Students at Oberlin College (tuition $50,000) are holding protests over alleged “cultural imperialism” of foreign dishes because they […]

On Robert S. Pirie: memories of Pol Pot, Kissinger, Ted Koppel, & Rachel Maddow

Robert Pirie: memories  from friends of an extraordinary man  By Nate Thayer April 25, 2016 My uncle and Godfather, Robert S. Pirie, died last year after an extraordinary life. He was a true renaissance man: a Harvard educated lawyer; a ruthless Wall Street businessman during the hard knuckle mergers and acquisitions period of the 80’s; […]

Putin chief propagandist found dead in Washington Hotel of “blunt force trauma”

Top Putin aide declared murdered by “blunt force trauma” in downtown Washington hotel By Nate Thayer   March 10, 2016 A close aide and chief propagandist of Vladimir Putin, who was found dead in a Washington hotel room in November 2015, was declared killed by “blunt force trauma” to his neck, torso and upper and […]

Ted Cruz: Embarrassing Presidential Poster Boy or “Oh my God, he called my mother a whore!”

Ted Cruz: A Poster Boy of Schadenfreude to Crash and Burn for our Entertainment or, as one former friend said regarding his presidential bid “I was like, Oh my God, he called my mother a whore!” By Nate Thayer February 6, 2016 My personal guru, gay sex columnist Dan Savage, offered some prescient insights on […]

Lack of evidence Colorado shooting targeted Planned Parenthood doesn’t deter media hype

Media subordinates headlines and click baits, ramping up partisan rhetoric, in the absence of evidence By Nate Thayer November 29, 2015 The media coverage of the shootings near the Planned Parenthood building in Colorado has fallen far short of the journalistic mission to transmit corroborated fact, without partisan insinuation, to contribute to an informed public. […]